Consumed to Produce

I often tell people that one of God‘s original intentions was for us to be producers as opposed to being consumers. If you read the first two chapter of Genesis it clearly points this out. With the fall of Adam in the Garden, we changed in our thinking and took to becoming consumers. What you see however throughout the rest of the bible is God’s move to bring us back into alignment with Him and His plan to be the producers He ordained us to be.

English: Pouring molten gold into ingot mold a...

English: Pouring molten gold into ingot mold at La Luz Mine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We cooperate with God in His plan when we allow Him to consume us. God consumes us through trials and tests. The sufferings we face, some would say seems cruel; but God is not the instrument of the tests and trials. He allows those tests to comet us to prove, to purify and to refine us.

  • Prove: Webster defines this to mean, “to learn or find out by experience, or to test the truth, validity or genuineness of, or to test the worth or quality of.” God isn’t learning about us when He proves us. He already knows all about us. God is confining to us what He already told us about us, and showing our enemies why He loves us the way He does. Our tests and trials validate us and reveal our worth and the quality of our character. When you’ve been validated and certified, you’re more apt to produce with confidence.
  • Purify: Webster states this mean, “to make pure as to clear from material defilement or imperfection, to free from guilt, or moral or ceremonial blemish, or to free from undesirable elements. Often God is removing things out of our life to get the best performance from us. Water, oil, gas and other liquids do what they do best when there are little to no impurities in them. Is it any different for us? Freedom from impurities enables you to flow with the Spirit and prompting of God.
  • Refine: One of the definitions Webster gives for this is, “to improve or perfect by pruning or polishing.” To get an idea of this, you have to think of a plant that appears to be doing well, but to get the best from it, you cut away the dead or dying parts that might hinder it from producing at an optimum.

God’s plan is always go get the best from us. Our enemies plan is always to destroy us. Jesus told Peter that The enemy desired to sift him as if he were wheat. The sifting process of old, as Jesus was alluding to, Peter understood that it meant Satan‘s mission was to violently and disastrously destroy him, while the goal of God is and continues to be to produce in us a desire to produce, through our being consumed by God.

QUESTION: In what way is God consuming you to get you to produce for Him?


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