Outrageous Faith

Has God ever challenged your faith to the point that you laughed at Him? Throughout the bible there are countless examples of people that God challenged their faith to believe what appeared impossible. Abraham was told in his old agethat he’d be the father of countless numbers of people, before he even had one. It was so unbelievable that his wife Sarai laughed at the thought of it. When God spoke to Zacharias about his son John, his mouth was shut so that he could not pollute the outrageous move that God was about to unfold in that day.


Outrageous! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We are living in a day when God is wanting to unfold an awesome thing in the earth, so that His Kingdom is perfectly displayed before a world that is in need of the radical realignment, that He has made available through that same move that took place as a result of the faith of a young teenage girl and her elderly cousin over two thousand years ago.


How does a person come by that level of faith that gives way to what under normal circumstances would appear completely and utterly impossible? What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary? Is there some secret that takes us from common levels to the outrageous faith that would move mountains, part seas, allow one to walk on water or even walk among serpents and not fear their deadly venom?


We understand the scripture that says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.” We also know the scripture that says, “We walk by faith and not by sight.” But how many recall when Paul said to the Romans that, ” A hope that is seen is not hope?”


Outrageous faith is not ridiculous wishing, it’s having a trust that God’s record for being faithful to what He has said and promised is as good as money in the bank. Outrageous faith moves you to action in accordance to what you believe to be guaranteed. You move, trusting the information received is sure. Outrageous faith causes you to do radical things and go distances never before thought possible because it wasn’t something you or anyone you know ever considered it.


Outrageous faith will have you walk on water like Peter or walk off a ledge over a great chasm like Indiana Jones. Outrageous faith will have you leave all you’ve ever known like Abraham to father a nation or like A boy named Skywalker in search of his intergalactic destiny. Outrageous faith will have you face a giant just as David faced Goliath, or like a man named Martin who faced the giants of national racism and bigotry.


Is there within you something that appears outrageous, that you need to have faith to believe and achieve? Don’t dismiss it. Don’t discount that it cannot be done or happen. There is nothing impossible in God. God can bring your dreams and hopes a reality. Have faith. Have outrageous faith.


QUESTION: How outrageous is your faith? 


  1. suppamodel · · Reply

    I got that WALK ON WATER FAITH!

  2. suppamodel · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Press 4 Word and commented:
    Trying to WALK in Outrageous Faith!

  3. Nothing could excite me more. Let’s do it.

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