Another Look At Outrageous Faith

When I was first married, things began to happen very quickly for me and my family. From the wedding to birth of our daughter. I knew that God was moving And shifting things around in my life. I knew also that there were specifically certain things that He had promised to me. I could see that at some level, my life was beginning to look much like the life of Abraham, the “father of faith.” The question for me was whether or not I had enough faith to leap into territory that I hadn’t tread before.

English: Abraham embraces his son Isaac after ...

English: Abraham embraces his son Isaac after receiving him back from God (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I knew for a fact that a move south from where I had lived my entire life, up until that point, was better for my health. My prior travels south had already proven to me to be a comfortable feel, even in the midst of being apart from anyone I knew, including my own family. It had already stirred up my spirit and rekindled a flame in me that I thought was lost. I also knew that my time in my present job was soon to end. So, what in the world would possibly prevent me from simply doing what I knew God had already orchestrated for me as an open door of opportunity? Outrageous faith.

Outrageous faith requires incredible courage. Incredible courage is courage that is uncommon. What incredible courage must have been needed to follow through in faith for Abraham to take his son Isaac up that mountain and offer him up as a sacrifice, knowing the promise of a great lineage that was yet to come through him?

What about the courage that must have been required of Joshua when God called for him to pick up the mantle left for him when God first told him that Moses was dead? He had to be resolute in knowing that now, was a call to step into what he and Caleb had said they had faith for forty years earlier. The only difference was that now they were going over the Jordan river and into the Promised Land without the man that had brought them out of Egypt.

I had to have courage to lead my own young family to a place God had promised me was a place of fruitfulness. Like Abraham, I was leaving the family of my youth.I was also leaving a place that had been familiar to me. I was being called to go to a place that He would show me. It was a call to total reliance on Him.

In the time since then, God stripped my family and I of many things that we had held onto, much interest way God stripped Abraham was stripped of his father whom he was not supposed to take with him. I had to have faith solely on God and the foundation He had already placed in me. In that time God has sustained us in our own lack of employment, giving us shelter and things we could not provide on our own. He has opened doors of opportunity in education that have caused me to thrive when years prior I struggled. He has added to our family and even placed people in our lives that have very instrumental in our natural and even spiritual maturity.

I’m seeing a complete shifting in events for my family that might not have been possible had we stayed where we were. God is pouring out His favor upon us in ways we had not perceived. There is no doubt in my mind that our move was anything other than God directed. We also have not seen the fulness of our faithful following of His leading. But as sure as I am in what He has already done, I have that much more faith and courage to do and go wherever He says.

QUESTION: When was the last time in your life that you were required to have incredible courage to act on your outrageous faith?



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