Come As You Are

Tell me if you’ve seen this happen before. You’re in church and a drunk or homeless person walks in, sits down, and not long after, if they made it that far is escorted out. Or maybe you’ve seen someone whose wardrobe is somewhat questionable and they are asked to leave change into something more appropriate. Whatever the scenario you want to interject, the response to the situation is that they were told that they could, “Come as you are.”

Prostitute talking to a potential customer in ...

Prostitute talking to a potential customer in Western Europe – Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often wonder at times if we really mean what we say. Do we consider the words we use? Better yet, are we ready for the response to what we say? To say, “Come as you are,” is supposed to give all permission to present themselves in whatever state that they are in; rich or poor, young or old, intelligent or ignorant, blessed or cursed, free or bound, healed or broken, it isn’t supposed to matter.

The admonishing to come as you are was not merely to denote that you could feel okay to show up even if you did not have what was deemed appropriate dress, it was meant to denote that regardless of your circumstances, you could feel free to come without feeling condemnation. In Christ there is no condemnation, so whenever you heard him say come, it was without stipulations or strings attached.

You can never be too broke, too busted or too disgusting to God. He knew you before He fashioned you. The circumstances in which you find yourself is just part of the story that will create a testimony to His ability to take you from where you are to where He has always meant you to be. We all have things that happen in our lives that make our lives appear less than what it ought to be, but God always sees us in a perfect state because of the Blood of Christ.

If the Body of Christ ever came into the realization that it should be looking at everyone that crosses the threshold of the temple through the same blood covering that God does, imagine what grace could abound in the lives of such a person who truly felt that they could actually come as they are.

What would be even more amazing than for a church to come to the realization that in saying come as you are is at that level, would be to understand that in saying come as you are could actually call that person up to the true identity that God purposed them to be from the foundations of the world. Imagine saying, “Come, as you Are, not as you Were.”

QUESTION: What change do you think could manifest through a church that truly believed that we could come as we are?


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  1. Amazing post..something I feel strongly about..

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