Connecting the Dots

As a kid I would spend hours with coloring, puzzle, and connect the dot books. I particularly like the connect the dotsbecause you could more or less see the picture that you were trying to form. However, the more complicated connect the dot pictures often did not have numbers to let you know the order in which the dots connected. This often led me to not getting the picture quite right and it didn’t come together as it was meant to. The sad reality was that so often, I would end up giving up on these pictures.

A connect-the-dots image in the shape of User:...

A connect-the-dots image in the shape of User:Caesar’s face. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The events that occurred on July 20th in Aurora, CO has become much like a connect the dot picture without the numbers to guide people to a full understanding of what happened or why it happened; twelve died and almost sixty injured as a result of one young man’s actions in a theater during the premier of the highly anticipated conclusion of The Dark Knight trilogy.

Questions are being raised, but only speculations and assumptions are being made. Was the movie  factor or just the stage for everything that unfolded? Was there mental instability alone, or did the devil make him do it? Were there affiliations that might have provoked him, or was he a lone ranger? Many people will be looking to his education, his parents, and any other people he may have associated with, as well as other clues that might help to make sense out of it all. The fact remains that it ma be months or longer before it all comes together. It is so much like those numberless connect the dot pictures I tried to master in my youth.

What will help this small community now is a resolve to not quit or become recluse. They must find a light in the midst of currently not having the answers to the numerous questions that are on their minds. Faith and family have a way of helping people to cope and recover. A resolve to not allow the fears in the wake of this event will enable many to reclaim their lives.

Whether or not all the dots get connected after all the dust settles, after the press has moved on to newers stories, and the police and lawyers have done all they plan to do, you can still find some way to continue to live, grow, and complete your own life’s picture. Resolve to focus on this and you may discover the picture comes together quite nicely.

QUESTION: How are you connecting the dots in your life in the light of what has transpired?


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