Marketplace Ministry

My mind has been reflecting lately on some of my experiences that I’ve had over the years prior to moving south. Even before It was being taught or even before I had heard of the concept of marketplace ministry I was actually living it out. I kind of marvel at the way God can move you in an area that is not commonly spoken of, reveal it to you and give confirmation of it in the process of time.

Student life in the Square, "De Neude&quo...

Student life in the Square, “De Neude”, in the centre of Utrecht (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

   Marketplace ministry is the understanding that God has called you to be his disciples beyond the four walls of the church, bringing the good news of God’s Kingdom to the places where He has ordained you to have influence and shaping culture.

One of the major issues being faced today is people who are conflicted by the thought that work and worship can’t be synonymous; that like the misinterpreted concept of Separation of Church and State, many don’t know how or what ministry looks like apart from being a full-time, licensed church worker.

One of the things I struggled with in my younger days was in the area of accepting the call to ministry in that sense versus the call I knew deep down God had put in my heart to be an agent of change beyond the four walls of church. I knew that deep down there was this press in me to not necessarily follow the path of my father because of other people’s expectations. I also knew that there was a press to excel in business and that whatever business it was, it would become my place of effectiveness and true ministry.

I later realized that the initial move into a preaching ministry was a sort of training and place of preparation for me, even as Moses needed those forty years in the palace, so that he might understand the kingdoms and rulership. Now I am in a place that might be considered my wilderness training. I am being retooled, with a new goal and focus in mind. What God is doing in this time is equipping me like when Moses spent his next forty years working for his father-in-law.

I have always viewed my life over the years, as being like a John the Baptist. Where my father spent his time serving in the temple, my call was to serve in the community. So, even in those earlier times when I was carrying a ministry license, I saw my true place of effectiveness in the workplace. I was praying for others, speaking life into the people I had daily interaction with, and even giving counsel when God opened the door. 

If you’ve ever struggled with where you have truly been called to be most effective, don’t be so quick to remove yourself from the marketplace. Review the things that you are passionate about. Reflect on what it would mean to remove yourself from the marketplace versus the traditional ministry routes. How would others be affected by your decision? Would your industry or area of influence suffer or change in dynamics? “Know your role” and follow God’s leading. You truly can be an agent for change in the marketplace.


QUESTION: What has been some things you’ve struggled with when it comes to your place in ministry and the marketplace?



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