Experiencing Rapid Growth

Recently I was reading about some of the many changes that are being experienced all across America in local churchesand the communities they serve. It can be quite refreshing to come by news that is completely uplifting and thought provoking. One of the things in particular that are occurring is in the area of rapid growth.

Miami River Entrance

Miami River Entrance (Photo credit: emilio labrador)

More and more, churches are opting for multi-site congregations as opposed to the previous generations tradition of building a larger facility to support the growing congregation. Other churches that began in a community dominated by a single ethnic group and now are seeing the influx of multiple ethnic groups are not shying away or moving to maintain the status quo.

Hearing these stories revealed some interesting thoughts about how to effectively handle rapid growth. Better still is it also gives rise to the notion that it’s not something that can be appreciated by a corporate body, but also the individual. Below are some key things to consider if you are experiencing or desire rapid growth.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Being aware of the things that go on around you help to anticipate things that happen. Like having good peripheral vision while driving, being aware of the sudden shifts that happen around you can position you so that you aren’t sidelined by the unforeseen things.

  • Embracing Change: When changes do occur, the thing to do is not run from it. Change happens, often whether or not you’re ready for it or not. Instead, embrace the changes when they come. See the opportunities they present. Often, there are pearls or gold hidden behind them. Once you have uncovered it, you discover that you’re better off having done it.
  • Embrace Taking Risks: Along with embracing change, you must be able to take risks. Stretching yourself to do something new or different from what you’re used to or comfortable with will often be the determining factor in whether you survive, thrive or fizzle.
  • Expand Your Thinking and Knowledge Base: Admit that you don’t know or understand all things. Be willing to renew your thinking. Reevaluate old paradigms and traditions. What worked years ago doesn’t always fit in present day circumstances. Remove the boundaries of a limited knowledge base by gleaning more information.
  • Pool and Maximize Resources: Because you obviously don’t know it all or have it all, it behooves you to pool and maximize the resources that are available to you. More than likely, you aren’t the only one facing the situations presented to you. Teaming up to face a challenge brings a synergistic quality about that can create an ability to handle exponential growth.

What you do in seasons of rapid growth will either take you to new heights unparalleled, or will be your own undoing. Know your surroundings. Embrace rapid growth when it comes your way. Be willing to change and adapt. Take risks that will capitalize on the situation. Broaden your knowledge base. Maximize available resources. When you do, you’ll learn things about yourself that you may not have ever dreamed was in you.

QUESTION: In what ways are you embracing rapid growth?


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