Back to Normal

We are entering the period when summer getaways start winding down, kids almost start begging to go back to school if they aren’t already back, and parents do their best to try to reclaim the life they had before they were interrupted by the summer activities and antics that kids both demand and deserve. Labor Dayis just around the corner, back to school sales reign supreme, and parents all over start to breathe a sigh of relief as they attempt to assume their normal life as they once knew it. But for many parents, there really is no such thing as a normal life to get back to.

mom and dad

mom and dad (Photo credit: maureen_sill)


My wife and I have made some adjustments of our own as our eldest child has started back to school. It’s a whole new ball game for us because she is now going away to school, with her only being home on the weekends and during scheduled breaks. For our two toddlers who have yet to have a regular routine of daycare or any other formal outlet this has become a time of trying to figure out what happened to their big sister whom they had an entire summer to romp around with.

The younger of the two still can’t quite tell what he is to do on those days when daddy goes off to a class two days out of the week. The older of the two just wants to feel better after a seizure she suffered on the same day that her big sister went away. The hardest part yet seems to be what a mom is to do when the whole world appears to be standing on its head.

Having things flow in one area while things are coming apart in other areas doesn’t make for easy transitions or a sense of peace. However it is becoming apparent that we are in a season in which God is calling for His people to be more comfortable in the uncomfortable. The rocking of the boat that Jesus would have at one simply said, “Peace,” is now replaced by a seeming admonishing of, “Ride it out, roll with punches, and flow with what comes.” Nothing is as easy as it once was, and adjusting to the new normal requires patience, perseverance and a persistent attitude of understanding.

  • Patience is a virtue that is born out of trouble. Many people have this hope that it can be obtained through some form of osmosis. But adversity develops patience in a person who learns to rely not on their own abilities. Patience is developed through the knowledge that you must turn to God for everything.
  • Perseverance is a stick-to-it attitude that says regardless of how things are or what come your way, you won’t quit, slow down or yield to those things or people that would make it easy for you; in other words enable you to settle for less than what can be possible.
  • A persistent attitude of understanding that things aren’t exactly in the ideal situation helps to ease the tension and stress that can build up, and make dealing with what has to be dealt with much more difficult than is necessary. 

Whether your life is returning to normal or you are discovering your life is taking on a new definition of what normal is, be sure that you can roll with it through patience, perseverance and a persistent attitude of understanding.

QUESTION: How have the last few weeks been for you in your attempts to return to a life of normalcy?


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