A Shock To Your System

Growing up living in the Northeast part of the country you deal with a lot of things. You get the best of everything. In particular, you get to experience all four seasons of the year. The downside to this is that growing up with Sickle Cell Anemia, you face all of the stresses that come from living in all four seasons.


shot_through_the_heart_-_and_youre_to_blame (Photo credit: sillydog)

 Winters wreak havoc on the body simply because the blood has to work harder to reach all of the extremities. The natural tendency for blood is to protect the heart. Wrapping up helps keen. Your core warm enough that the blood is free to move about the body, but you have to beware that you’re not too well wrapped , because then you run the risk of sweating which leaves you at risk of catching a cold or worse.

 Summers are good because you have the freedom to strip down from the layers you typically are required to have during the winter. The key here is to stay hydrated so that you don’t become overheated and your blood stays cool enough to handle the activities of your day. Like your car, when it becomes overheated, things get ugly. Blood in the body, like water in a radiator start to boil and look for ways out in order to cool off. This means, nose bleeding, elevated blood pressure, and strokes are common.

 These extreme weather seasons are easy to deal with when they are in full effect. The true difficult times are actually the spring and fall. These two times of the year are the times where things are the most unpredictable and hardest to prepare for. Some days are warm, some are hot, some are cool, and some are down right bitterly cold. What’s more troubling is that the weather can go from one extreme to the other a number of times throughout a single day. That can put a shock to your system.

 Just as the weather can put a shock to your physical system, there are many things in life that can put a shock to the systems that you set up so that you can properly function. Just as your own body doesn’t come with a natural climate control that helps you adjust to those changing seasons, your life also doesn’t come with it’s own climate control. You have to prepare your systems to operate optimally at a given time, and then have systems in place to be able to adjust for optimum performance given altering life seasons.

 I recently recounted to my wife of a portion of a book I read entitled Your Life in Rhythm. I brought it up because I was pointing out that throughout certain seasons of my life, stringent structures of my life become a barrier to me. Like a skyscraper, there must be placed a little flexibility in it to handle winds and quakes. Without that flex, I would either topple or come crashing down.

 Life is more ebb and flow than it is a see-saw balance. As you find yourself going through or coming towards changing seasons in your life, take some time to assess what works in the systems you have set up and what may need adjusting. This will enable you to reduce the shocks to your systems so that there is an easier transition for you. The better you handle the shifts and changes, the better your chances are that your life won’t get caught up in the moments that a hiccup happens.


QUESTION: How do you handle the things of life to prevent a shock to your systems?


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