The “Nillionaire” Next Door

People all around the world are in pursuit daily to better their lives. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you always want your life to be better today than it was yesterday. It’s not often an easy pursuit, but it can be rewarding, depending on how you go about it.

Door handles in the front door with Aarhus Tol...

Door handles in the front door with Aarhus Toldkammers initials: AT on top of each other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everywhere you turn, be it in a book store, or on television via game show or reality show, there is a millionaire out there searching also. Some are looking for a reminder of where they came from. Some are looking for a greater connection to the community they once held dear and still hold hope for. Many who find what they are looking for discover that it’s not in the place of the millionaire next door, but rather the nillionaire next door.

While the reality is that the nillionaire is not literally next door to them, the truth of the matter is that they never have to travel too far from the life they know and love to find the nillionaire. Nillionaires don’t have the plush lifestyle or the vast resources to do what they do. Nillionaires are resourceful in taking what they have and making it work so that they make a difference not only in their own lives, but also the lives of others.

There are more nillionaires than millionaires in this world, of this you can be sure. There are even fewer billionaires. However, what millionaires and billionaires both discover is that there is a reward in connecting to the nillionaires of the world. There is a synergy that is created, and the millionaires and billionaires learn, see and are challenged to think and do beyond what they previously had a concept of.

 On the day that The Dark Knight Rises was released, it was preceded by the other two films in the trilogy. As I watched Batman Begins, the first installment of the series, I was reminded of something about Bruce Wayne‘s father. His father told him that he was able to help so many people and do so much because he always stayed connected to the people. While it was true that he had great wealth, his passion in medicine and love of connecting with people kept him both humble and focused on more ways to help the nillionaires.

Jesus left his place in heaven to come down and walk amongst men, women, and children. There is by far no one who comes close to the wealth of heaven. He lived with and taught nillionaires, raising them up and vastly impacted the lives of innumerable people in the span of three years. Lives continue to be impacted by what he did in those years. His example to us was to demonstrate that we all can and should not only be concerned with the nillionaire next door, but make strides on every occasion to be the difference maker throughout the community and the world.


QUESTION: How are you connecting to the nillionaire next door? What are some ways in which you can?


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