Far And Away

It has been an interesting time that our family has been experiencing lately. My eldest child has spent her first week in the seventh grade. However, unlike most kids that may walk or catch the bus to go to school in the morning and return in like manner in the evening, our daughter spends the entire week on campus. That in itself is huge. The real test for us is knowing that she is an hour away in another town.

Joey in seventh grade

Joey in seventh grade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that for those of you who are privileged to send your children to boarding schools this is laughable to you because you’re used to your child(ren) being away possibly farther and without the weekend trip home. But for my wife and I, who are used to having our big girl with us, this brought somewhat more of a test to our own endurance to trust that she was okay during that time.It’s like a subtle reminder to us that in a few short years our girl will be able to go to college. Are the things we experience now just the tip of the iceberg? Is it a foreshadowing of things to come?

Dealing with situations like this require trust, faith, and a level of patience that does no come easy. Trust, because you’re relying on others to put the interests of your precious little one above all other interests. Faith because you have little else to hold on to being so far away, and you can’t just run to them should they need or want you. Patience, because it’s a waiting game until you do actually see each other, and you don’t know whether your young child is enjoying it as much as you hope.

Being far and away has it’s upside also. It gives time to focus more on the younger ones that are still with us during the week. It allows us time to breathe and put certain things in order. It also helps us to see what differences there are for our child’s ability to learn in a new environment. We already knew that it had proven beneficial during special breaks, so the hope that a full school program will be as rewarding is our expectation.

Whether you’re dealing with a child this school year that is far and away or not, my sincere wish and prayer is that your child has a happy, productive, safe and enjoyable year. May they excel in all that they do, both in and outside the classroom. May they achieve greatness and bring you nothing but good reports. May they meet and exceed every challenge. May you be proud at every turn, be they near and dear or far and away.

QUESTION: What do you do to get you through those times when your child is far and away? 


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