A Great Offense

In the immortal words of football’s most revered coach, Vince Lombardi, “The best defense is a good offense.” This is something he believed wholeheartedly and based his coaching on, to make him one of the most celebrated and winning coaches to grace the gridiron. By building a strong offensive line, you position yourself so that you don’t stress outon the defensive side. You’re working your game from a winning position rather than a losing position.

English: The Defensive line, in 4-3 formation,...

English: The Defensive line, in 4-3 formation, is highlighted in red, and the offensive line is highlighted in green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When most people find themselves under attack, the natural tendency for them is to either retreat or go on the defense. What should happen however, is that you go on the offensive. Think about this. When your body comes under fire with a sickness of some sort, be it a bacteria or virus, the body is already preprogrammed to go on the offensive and attack it. White blood cells are the little warriors of the body and they have the duty and task of defending it by a frontal assault. This is known as resistance in its purest form.

The task is much easier for you to work from a position of health or wealth, rather than from sickness or poverty. When I was growing up, I was always told, ” Another ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Doctors continue to say that it is far cheaper to care for the body through a wellness program, periodic checkups and a health regimen consisting of exercise, rest and supplements; the alternative being long stays in the hospital and expensive, painful treatments that may or may not bring you relief.

Financial experts likewise tell you that good financial planning that includes both savings and investing with careful attention to estate planning and insurance goes a long way to better positioning you when tough times come. I was reminded of this recently during a presentation at a men’s conference when speaker and Financial savant to athletes, Chris Hogan shared his own personal battles that took him from debt to freedom.

Having dealt with Sickle Cell Anemia for over 40 years, I know the realities of both. While the financial side hasn’t been the easiest battle for me, I haven’t and will not ever give up the fight to strengthen my offensive side. Being on the defensive is an uphill battle that is a greater struggle than is necessary. The health side is much easier for me because I eat as well as possible, rest as often as possible, drink as much water as able, stress as little as possible and control my environment as much as possible.

As we move closer to the start of another great football season and the final quarter of this year, consider changing your game plan if you haven’t already. Determine to work from a winning position both in your health and your finances. The real reality is that without both working together, your actually hurting in both. Winning teams aren’t built on a single player. Most of us know this. What many forget is that winning teams also have coaches (plural, not singular.)

Find a coach in each area where you are weak, to build you up and give you the fighting edge needed to do the job required. Your team of coaches should be invested in your success, not necessarily benefitting from your weak position. Take a cue from your own body’s white blood cells and turn things around by going on the offensive. Make a full frontal assault on the situations in your life, and work from a winning position.

QUESTION: What are your best practices for winning in your health and finances?


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