How To Finish Strong

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to accept the place you are in life. You have moments where you feel as though life and many of the opportunities that were placed before you have slipped away and may never come again. For the people of Israel, this might have been how they felt as they ventured on their 40 year journey through the desert.

The Tortoise and the Hare (film)

The Tortoise and the Hare (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I draw strength from in times when similar feelings begin to rise up within me is this: “I may have started late, but I will finish strong.” In the parable of the Tortoise and the Hare, the Hare had a great lead over the Tortoise. His lead was so great that he decided to take a break and rest because the finish line was in view, he wanted to humiliate his opponent the Tortoise by showing that he could sit back take it easy and still come out on top.

It would have been so easy for the Tortoise to give up since he was so far behind, but he chose to knuckle down and trudge along with his steady and consistent pace. His persistence paid off by allowing him to not only pass the Hare, but to arrive at the finish line before the Hare, despite having awakened to see that he had lost his substantial lead.

If you know Barbara Corcoran from the television show Shark Tank, you may not realize that by age 23, she had worked in 20 different jobs. Her claim to her success began by borrowing $1000 from her then boyfriend and quitting her job as a waitress to start a business in real estate. Twenty five years later and she is a mogal to be reckoned with. Colonel Harland Sanders didn’t find his success until he was nearly a failure in business. What we know now as that “fingers picking chicken” didn’t become a successful franchise company until Sanders was at an age where he was receiving Social Security.

You may have started late, but you can still finish strong. Whatever race you find yourself in, and regardless of the opponent’s strength, speed, experience, or whatever advantage you suppose that they have over you that makes you feel as though you may as well give up, know that you can still win. Getting a late or slow start doesn’t disqualify your victory, fail to finish does.

While watching the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, there were many who did not get of the blocks as fast as their competitors, but they stayed in the race with the expectation that victory is always in their grasp. Victory is always in your grasp when you don’t give up. Don’t focus on your opposition, focus on your goal. The victory is in reaching the goal. Completing the task is what you aim for. Stay steadfast and persistent like the Tortoise and you’ll find yourself at the finish line with the prize. Press toward that mark.


QUESTION: What will you do today to ensure that you finish strong?

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