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Bringing Life to Dry Bones

In the 37th chapter of the book of Ezekiel, the Lord God led the prophet Ezekiel to a valley of dry bones. The valley floor was full of them. God asked him to look at the bones and asked him if he believed that the bones could live. His response to God was that only […]

What to Do When It’s Fall

Whether you call it autumn or fall, the season we are entering transitions people from what they’ve been doing during those warm weather days of summer, and gears them up for the quickly approaching winter that is surely around the corner. Facebook recently released statistics that illustrates that people’s minds are definitely on this season […]

Light of The World

It can be quite frustrating to look around at the world in which we live and think that there seems to be no hope of change or anything getting better. All kinds of natural disasters taking place all around the world, political upheaval and civil unrest, economic calamity and so much shaking of the stability […]

The Missing Link

There was a time when people could look to specific ethnic groups as being the standard bearer for the fire in the church. That is quickly changing. Because of the shifting that is going on throughout the church, it could actually be possible to lose future generations, who are looking for what has not been […]

Power to Change Your World

It is so amazing that at a time of great awakening within the body of Christ a book such as Power to Change Your World, has come forth to show us the truth that there is more to be had, to affect change in the world. Danny McDaniel shares in this book the account of his […]

What it Means to be the Salt of the Earth

In teaching the disciples of The Kingdom of Heaven, what it looked like and how it operates, Jesusgave a grand analogy that the people of his day could draw upon to understand it fully. So few people in present day living grasp the richness of it because with the ways by which technology has advanced […]

Growing Up A Preacher’s Kid

It’s not one of those things that I am accustomed to writing about. I never really gave much thought about it as a kid. It was just something that was a part of my reality. Since I didn’t think about my father in terms of what he did in or for the church, he was […]

A Post 9/11 Era

Everywhere you looked on yesterday people all across the country took time out to remember the events of 11 years ago when everything changed. The date 9/11/01 has become such a pivotal point for many that when people talk about things, it’s now in terms of or relationship to pre or post 9/11. Whatever your […]

Them That Labor Among You

Labor Day is a time where many take time out to enjoy time with the family and friends, so I actually didn’t have a holiday focused message that went out on that day. I was still kind of coming down off of a high from my time in worship from the day before in church. […]

Know Your Role

I often say that some of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life came from watching countless hours of television, especially wrestling. Whatever your personal opinion on it being real or fake is, there is no doubt that much as in any sport there are lessons you can gain. However, there is nothing […]

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