Your Next Blessing

Have you ever had one of those days where you come into contact with someone who seems to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed every day of their life, and it seems that they are going to make you and the rest of the world pay for it? Whether it’s the person at your favorite restaurant or clothing store, your creditor or coworker, or simply the passerby you meet in your daily travels, there is always someone who appears to have been born sucking the lemons of life instead of eating from the bowl of cherries.

Service with a Smile

Service with a Smile (Photo credit: Michael Connell)

One of the things that my parents instilled in me early on in life was the character of being courteous and having a pleasant attitude everywhere I go and towards everyone I meet. I’ve discovered through the years how this goes a long way in blessing me as well as others. It’s not just something that makes me feel good, although that is a great reason to do it. It’s often, for me, a way to diffuse a potentially volatile situation, and an opportunity to display to others that when you have a bit of decorum you can shift a bad situation into a one that is rewarding to you and others.

I remember one time in particular in my days in the aviation service industry when a woman who had what appeared to be the worst experience of her life on a flight. There was major turbulence on the flight, the person she was expecting to be there to meet her was hours from arriving, and she had waited for assistance to help her from the gate to the baggage area longer than was necessary. We were understaffed and between supervisory shifts when the flight came in.

My responsive action to attend to her personally and with my pleasant demeanor allowed her to be worry free in the midst of her inability to contact her ride. When her ride arrived, not only did the woman with whom I had waited with give me a generous gratuity, so did the person who had come to take her to her next destination. Generally I would not accept tips because I personally feel that when a person has a poor experience and my position, they shouldn’t feel compelled to give anything when others have either dropped the ball. However, they were both insistent that I had been such a blessing in turning a bad experience into a good one.

I had been a blessing to them and they in kind were an unknowing blessing to me. You see, at that particular time my own personal financial situation was extremely tight and there were things I had wanted to be able to do that week. These two ladies were my personal blessing in disguise; angel of mercy.

Scripture tells us that soft answers turn away wrath, and that it is better to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to react in anger. The ability to turn things around is squarely dependent upon your ability to compose yourself under even the most hostile of situations. Recognizing that very often, you are not the reason for another person’s snippet disposition, you have the potential to bless and be blessed in the process. While the goal is not to seek opportunities to be blessed, for that is a natural byproduct of your good nature. The goal is to always leave someone else better off for having met you, regardless whether the reward comes in that moment, or somewhere else down the line.

Remember, someone somewhere is always watching. The seeds you sow today, eventually do produce a harvest. Know that your next blessing could very well be found in the next person that you meet. Scripture tells us that we should be mindful in how we entreat strangers, because often we have been in the presence of angels and not known it. Jesus even said that how we treat others, it will be counted as how we would have treated him. So build up your heavenly blessings through great character. For indeed it may lead you to your next blessing.

QUESTION: What experiences have you had that opened the door to a blessing?


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