Know Your Role

I often say that some of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life came from watching countless hours of television, especially wrestling. Whatever your personal opinion on it being real or fake is, there is no doubt that much as in any sport there are lessons you can gain. However, there is nothing funnier than sitting in service and hearing a message from the pastor that adds further revelation to something that has previously spoken volumes to you over the course of your life.6b62597e80688ecd99eae0ff6d2f94271485c75bf01c0cbb9181c80817c1c2b2

Such is the case on the last Sunday of August this year. There I was, enthralled by a very profound and prophetic message, when the words from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came and made me do a double take. Did I really hear him say, “Know your role?” Could it really be that there was an awakening and a rising up within the body of Christ that was causing God through His mouthpiece, to get everyone’s attention to the necessity of knowing what our place is in this season and in this present age? If this is true, and I know and believe that it is, then that deserved a moment of intense reflection and personal analysis of what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been engaging life and the world in which I am.

William Shakespeare said that, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.” If this be the case, than it stands to reason that at any given time, as times and seasons change, it may be that our roles also change. Knowing the season it is may determine what role you are to play. In sports, it is quite possible that your role will change often over time as you go from being a rookie to being a well-seasoned veteran. You don’t automatically become the team captain or the go-to person in the clutch moments as a rookie. Guys like Michael Jordan and Cal Ripken weren’t who they were from jump-street; it developed over time.

You must know yourself and where you fit in, so you can get in and make the valuable play. Sometimes playing your part at a given moment will require you to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of others, as did Jesus, the Apostles and many others who have been deemed martyrs of their faith. Sometimes it requires venturing in areas as a leader that others fear so that others will know later what was possible.

Often age and experience yields to greater perspective and reassessments of preconceived views and paradigms. As we reevaluate these changes, so must we also reassess the roles we play. Playing our roles at the proper time gives way to maximized living and maximized outcomes. We ultimately play to our strengths and increase our potential for success. Consider today your role in every arena of life.

QUESTION: Do you know what your role is? What are you doing to carry it out?


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