Light of The World

It can be quite frustrating to look around at the world in which we live and think that there seems to be no hope of change or anything getting better. All kinds of natural disasters taking place all around the world, political upheaval and civil unrest, economic calamity and so much shaking of the stability that seemed to make life palatable has seemed to make it a dark and dreary place. The awesome news that Godleft us in the sixty six books is that there remains a remedy.

A tiki torch

A tiki torch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As followers of Christ, we are called to be both salt and light. As light, we are to be found in prominent places. This is because being in such a place enables us to cast off darkness. If we hide or recluse ourselves to low places, darkness can still abide. That is never meant to be. Jesus even explained that it is a senseless notion to place a lamp under a basket, when its proper place is on a lamp stand.

When you let your light shine, Jesus declares that your good works are seen by men and they glorify your Heavenly Father. That kind of light means that there is no doubt that what you do can be mistaken for the ordinary. It is a sign of the exceptional and even the supernatural. One scripture in Proverbs says that a king’s favor is towards a wise servant.

If you recall the life of Joseph, it was his exceptional wisdom that catapulted him into prominence when the Egyptian Pharaoh had a dream that filled his heart with dread. Because of Joseph’s ability to interpret and resolve the issue surrounding the dream, he went from prison to palace in a day. Likewise, Daniel and three other young Hebrew Boys were given great authority when their commitment to exceptional integrity and devotion to honor God above everything else caused them to outshine everyone else.

God has called those who have His heart to be a light, and to cast a light of distinction that makes it undeniable that things change and improve without question or exception. It is the quality of character that separates extraordinary from ordinary. It is not conventional or common. When enough people carry and display that kind of light, things begin to shift and darkness fades away. If we shine as light in every arena and sector of society, darkness will be cast off and things will change as never before.

If there are people in government that carry the light, the people rejoice because they know that justice will truly be just for all and not a few. If there are people in education that carry the light, we can be assured that the next generation is secured by those equipped to contribute to further grow the community in which they live. If there are people in arts and entertainment that carry the light, people will become inspired, encouraged, and lifted. If there are people in business that carry the light, work becomes a joy and people fulfill more than a task. If there are people in media who carry the light, good news and truth will prevail. If there are people in religion that carry the light, than love will be the message that restores people’s faith in a relationship with a loving God. If there are enough families that carry the light, neighborhoods, communities, and the world will take on a whole new look and feel.

QUESTION: How can you effectively carry and shine the light that God has said you are to be?


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