How to Go Beyond Here

It’s been said that you cannot solve a problem from the same level of knowledge that created it. You need a greater degree or perspective to be able to bring a solution or resolution to it. So many people are looking at the state of what is going on in the world today and continue to think that what they know or knew is enough to fix their present circumstances. Present circumstances are not the same. Before now, there was no concept of super storms. Before now, there were not as many nations that had the economy to be able to influence what occurs globally.


_MG_1630 (Photo credit: Cosmo Dudley)

From the earliest recordings of man’s history, there has always been embedded within people the need to explore, to grow, and to improve. Starting with the need to hunt and gather, man’s needs were very basic. Then moving into planting and harvesting, trade and expansion begins to broaden horizons. With the inception of industrialization and manufacturing, things really take off as never before imagined. The present age of information is yet pushing humanity further, faster, and with greater ease. What will it actually take to go beyond all of this? Simply stated, the same thing that it took to go through each period of transition that preceded it.

There has never been change or growth without a hunger and thirst. The pursuit of wisdom has always been at the forefront of innovation and development, both of the individual and society. In recent years, the primary innovation that has brought the most explosive change to all has been the creation of the computer. It has radically transformed every sector, every hill and valley, every nook and cranny.

Thanks to computers, the things we hunger and thirst for can be quickly accessed and can foster our pursuit of wisdom. Although what is found with computers is not always a slam dunk, what we are capable of through the process of searching is to be able to gather what we hunger and thirst for with greater ease.

When you have a hunger and thirst for something though, you must become strategic in how you go about searching to fulfill it. Like hunters of ages past, your pursuit for going beyond where you are has to become specific. Like Lewis and Clark, they were commissioned to go on an expedition west, with a specific goal in mind. Although they did not attain the goal they were meant to find, having the goal played a greater role in the discovery of what they did find. It became more profitable because in their ability to plot out their journey and keep good accounts of what was out there, the journey for others who followed their path knew what to expect and what the potential was for their own levels of success.

It is expedient that we seek a greater perspective by getting above the fray. We need to survey what is happening around us to see what differences we can make. Then, if we don’t have the skills to meet the demands, we must retool ourselves so that we can go beyond here. Stir up the hunger and thirst for getting the wisdom you need to meet your current challenges and you find you’ll surely move beyond where you are to where you want to be.

QUESTION: What has been something that has kept you from going beyond where you are?


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  1. This is the long version to the “breaking free of Bad Habits” Enjoy

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