Flip The Script

Have you ever watched a movie that had you pulled into the story? It was so compelling, gripping, and captivating that you couldn’t help but get caught up in the action. The only problem though was that as you got right up to the end, you became devastated by a tragicending. So often, it seems that life has been like this for many people. The story starts off with so much promise of something big and special. Then there are moments that take your breath away because it’s full of anticipation of something about to come, but for whatever reason there seems to come tragedy after tragedy.

Movie Scripts

Movie Scripts (Photo credit: Mike Miley)

For many people, this has been the story or the script of their life. The worst part of it is that it has often also been the view of many who look at the church. They look at people in the church and wonder why they should choose a life of Christianity when what they see is no better or worse than the life they already have. Much of this image or storyline has been due to a poor interpretation of the script that was established.

In reading the bible, many have the notion that salvation from a life of sin as the end of our story has left many Christians defeated and going on to glory with a less than glorious representation of the victorious story that God scripted our lives to tell. What is so amazing now, is that in recent years, there has come a better interpretation of the script that God had written for His creation. It began when God simultaneously downloaded a vision to two men, Bill Bright and Lorne Cunningham. The vision that they shared sparked a fire within them and has set many ablaze with an understanding that a greater story than what has been lived out by many can still be lived out.

This interpretation that has flipped the script for many is of the gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus told his disciples of. Where the gospel of salvation has come up short, especially in the wake of the truth that Jesus never preached a gospel of salvation, the gospel of the Kingdom is not only changing lives, it’s changing and shifting culture. The gospel of the Kingdom is causing believers to see the greater story that has always been meant to be told and allowing them to play their parts in fulfilling the greater story by restoring lives, relationships, bringing healing of every sort, reclaiming the kingdoms that were lost in the Garden when Adam fell and preparing the church to be the mature bride Jesus has also been preparing a place for.

There are many people now who are apostolic forerunners of this flipping of the script. They are strategically being set to take their places upon the given mountains God desired them to reclaim for the greater story to have its greater ending. The years that are ahead of us will begin to unveil the script as having been flipped. People will begin to see the Church in a whole new light as their light becomes much more illuminated.  Look up, with anticipation that the script is not only being flipped for the good of the church, but for the good of the story that God intended to be told when He first created all that He created.

QUESTION: How will you fit into this flipping of the script? 


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