Flip The Switch

Changing directions can sometimes appear to be quite difficult. Especially when you’ve gotten into the mode of doing something a particular way and doing it for a long time. There’s a saying that, “as long as you are alive you’ll have to deal with change.” Yet, for many, it’s still can be disconcerting to know that a thing has to and is going to change.

Light Switch

Light Switch (Photo credit: Adam Mulligan)

Imagine the days of Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell. It couldn’t have been easy for people to adjust to the concepts of electricity and telephony. For so long, people had been used to oil lamps and communicating through letters or actually going to someone’s home if they wanted to share a message with someone else. The transition to the uses of filament light bulbs and a telegraph or telephone that changed people’s perceptions of how things were done versus how they could be done with greater ease and speed. It literally became as easy as flipping a switch.

The reality however, is that our minds are not as easily changed or transformed with the flip of a switch. Yet, through consistent learning and discipline and corresponding action, changing can appear be take on the ease of flipping the switch because we become flexible in ways that before we were hard pressed and resistant to.

Isolation can be the enemy to growth and change in a person, especially when we have been designed to grow and mature through the process of interaction with others. We aren’t meant to live on the Island of Self. Community and culture are what shapes and molds us. If you lived in a cave in the mountains, and all you ever saw were rocks, rain and snails, you’d never know that there was a thing such as sunshine sand and surf.

Flipping the switch can be as simple as pick up a book, or even walking down the street and talking to someone who doesn’t look like you. As people, it is easy to gravitate towards things you are comfortable with or accustomed to, but stretching yourself beyond those comforts are the very things that enable you to see things in ways that cultivate change.

Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to many cultures, communities, customs and climates. Having done so, I am more open to try things that I otherwise might not have permitted myself to try. I grow, change and increase my capacity to interact with others, because I have a repertoire of knowledge from which to draw upon.

Permit yourself to flip the switch of change and see what amazing things happen when you allow yourself to venture in areas that you previously resisted. Who knows what you’ll discover. The light may come on for you to new ideas, or you may be called upon to communicate something that only someone with your collection of resourced knowledge could effectively translate. Be daring like Franklin and Bell. Flip the switch.


QUESTION: In what ways can you flip the switch?

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