What Happens at a New Elevation

I was thinking recently about my times growing up. I’ve actually had a wonderful life both as a child and am having as an adult, despite many conflicts and trials that were presented before me. Living with Sickle Cell Anemia has allowed me to observe life in ways that I probably would not have fathomed had I been born without it. I’ve faced challenges that have caused me to think differently and approach situations with a different mindset.

Climbing a rock wall during "Scott Airfes...

Climbing a rock wall during “Scott Airfest 2006”, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. Note the natural texture, incuts, protrusions, hand holds, and belay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One such situation is in having to deal with walking, running and various other activities that put stress and strain on my body. I remember walking to school throughout my life as a young person. I actually lived no more than a 10-15 minute drive from both my elementary schools and my middle school. I was about a 20-25 minute drive from my high school depending on traffic so I rode the bus. But there were actually times when I walked home from there too; usually when I missed my ride.

Whether I was walking, jogging or running the terrain of the various routes to each of the schools I attended, I had to face varying levels of surface. There was even a hill that my friends and I would climb, that for kids my age and size at the time might be considered a mountain. While I’ve never climbed an actual mountain, apart from an indoor rock climbing wall, there are things I’ve seen in my journey then that I can attest to that are synonymous to the challenges that are faced by those who do.

Climbing hills or mountains can be quite challenging for us if we are not prepared properly to handle the terrain. Having the necessary equipment is essential. The right shoes, for instance is critical. The hill that I used to climb was mostly dirt and clay, so it was imperative to have shoes with a good grip. Those shoes were especially necessary when it rained or snowed. Going up that hill was not going to be easy, and coming down was about as risky as the climb up.

Another thing about climbing that hill was that I often got winded from going up, and during the cold parts of the year it took me a little longer to go up. While the elevation of that hill can’t in anyway be compared to the trek up Kilimanjaro, it showed me how breathing becomes more difficult the higher you go.

In reality, climbing mountains is difficult because going up certain elevations puts you in a place where there is less breathable oxygen. Because of this, only certain things can be sustained and live. In life we always have to be properly dressed and fully equipped to face the challenges that are presented to us. Without those things, the destination we hope to make will be thwarted.

The great thing is that if you are properly dressed and equipped, you will be more than apt to make the journey successfully than you would without it. The best part about achieving that new elevation is that it places you in a position to see things with new perspective. When I climbed that hill, I could see further and I could see more than I could from the lower level.

Be willing to get to a new level. Seeing things from a new elevation allows for you to realize that some situations you face in life are as bad as you might think. Seeing things from a new elevation puts things in new light and perspectives so that you don’t become overwhelmed by the things, as well as give you a scope for where you need to go and what is possible if you don’t give up. New elevations also allow you to tackle situations from a vantage that is often better than where you were. Often in warfare, those who have the high ground fare better than those who are low. So get higher and tackle the new elevation. You never know what blessing is waiting for you at that new elevation.

QUESTION: How do you feel when you’ve gone to a new elevation in your life?

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