Two Reasons You Should Not Ignore Election 2012

I have always taken my voting rights and privileges seriously from the very year I became legally eligible to participate in the process. I am probably one of few my age who can actually say that paying attention to politics has been something I’ve done since the Carter Administration. While I personally have no aspirations for political service at any level of government, I am no less fascinated by the process and the outcomes of it.

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From a historical point of view, there are numerous reasons why I vote. As a Christian, African American and citizen of this great nation, I could list dozens of other reason why I vote. My aim this time is not to tout those reasons or convince why you should vote, because if you didn’t already have a mind to do so, you’re probably not going to be compelled by my arguments. What I do want to do this time is present you with reasons you shouldn’t ignore during this election.


  • Culture Is Being Shifted: Regardless who is in your scope as your candidate for all the offices that are being campaigned for, you have to understand that we are in the midst of a major cultural shift. Culture is being impacted from seven major structures: government, media, religion, business, family, education, and arts & entertainment. Whoever wins this election will be at the center of the it all since government has the ability to influence and make decisions that impact all the other areas. Don’t sleep on this, as it will greatly factor in what you’re exposed to, what you’ll be permitted to have and do, as well as how things will eventually be recorded for historical posterity.
  • Global Power Is Being Shifted: In as much as culture is shifting, global power is also shifting. While this country has rested on her laurels, other nations have been silently making strategic maneuvers to position themselves as new power players; while others have been boldly breaking across the thresholds to dominate through military might and the global markets.


Say what you want, think what you want about political parties and policies all you want. If you allow yourself to be blindsided by the small scope of your own personal interests and information the larger picture, you’ll discover that the next four years will only be an introduction to things you never dreamed were possible. If you’re truly plugged into it, and decisive about things you can do, you can position yourself beyond this election to be a person who plays a role in positively impact both the cultural and global shifts.


QUESTION: What other reasons do you have for not ignoring this election?



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