Leadership Happens At Every Level

I may not have personally led a people from every level, but I have had the privilege of seeing leadership from every level. I know what it’s like to be the low man on the totem pole, at the bottom rung of the ladder, and I’ve also known what it’s like to leadfrom certain levels of leadership. Whether in the corporate world, in ministry, or within the context of my family, I have experienced and operated in a capacity of leadership at one time or another. What I find as a fundamental principle is that regardless who you are, what you do, or what you job description is, you can lead at every level.

Lancaster University Management School

Lancaster University Management School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing I learned while working in aviation services was that I didn’t necessarily have to be in charge to be a leader. So often we can fall into the trap of thinking we need a title or position to be considered a leader. Leadership is not solely defined by a position or orientation within the structure of an organization or operation. Leadership can be defined by a willingness to see a bigger picture and determining to do your own part to ensure that goals and objectives are met with excellence and minimal obstructions.

  • Maturity: This is key to any quality leader. Having the maturity to know that no matter whether you are at the top or the bottom, that you play an important role in things getting accomplished goes far in revealing your true character. Great leaders know that there is no room for weak links. Broken cogs bring things to a grinding halt. Maturity says, “I’m not just going to look out for number one, (i.e. me,) I’m going to make sure no one gets left behind or fails because it impacts all involved.”
  • Integrity: Integrity is often described as doing in private with the same level of excellence and morality as you would when in public. When you hold yourself to the same standards in private as you do when in public, the odds that you’ll not slip into flawed characteristics decrease. Joseph, Daniel and others throughout the bible exemplified young men whom because they held onto their integrity, they were catapulted into greater arenas of leadership.
  • Commitment: Where there is no commitment, there is no follow through. Where there is no follow through, there is failure. Scripture tells us that we should only vow a vow that we are committed to keep. God holds words in high regard. Because He is faithful, He expects faithfulness. The United States Marines say, “We don’t accept applications, we only accept commitments.” This implies a dedication to follow through until completion. If you make a commitment, the greatest thing you can do is honor it. Your ability to honor a commitment, not only when it’s easy, but even when it’s difficult demonstrates your character.
  • Service: When asked by his disciples of who was greatest in the Kingdom, Jesus explained that greatness was measured by one’s degree of commitment to serve. When you serve others, it denotes two things. First it reveals to people your true heart. The true you will show in how you serve others.  You can’t hide a love of people or misplaced motives when you serve people. The second thing about service is that you show God how much you love Him by how much you love others. Shepherds carry the smell of the sheep. Leaders are enveloped by the scent of those they serve. Leaders aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in the places that are uncomfortable.

So keep in mind that no matter what your level is, wherever you are, you can lead the people around you to ensure that things are accomplished. When you have maturity, walk in integrity, a commitment to follow through, and a heart of service, you will demonstrate your capacity to lead and people will follow you.

QUESTION: What are some other things you have found that help you in leading at every level?

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