Beholding the Signs

One of the things that can be quite disconcerting for me is to listen to people who will often, and without question read too much into things when disasters occur. I automatically think about Job and his friends. Job had been very prosperous in his life. He had a large family, a vast wealth, and attributed it all to God’s favor. When he lost his children, his fortune and health, his friends came and criticized him, saying that the tragedies that came had to be because of something he did to bring it upon himself. The reality was that God allowed the attacks to occur to prove to the enemy that Job would remain faithful regardless of what he had.


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Many will look at the events of Hurricane Sandy on Monday October 29, 2012 and come to some astronomical and devastating conclusions. I’ve been trying to wrap my own head around it as I have seen some signs of significance within it. There has already been questions as to the possible impact that Sandy will have on the outcome of this year’s Presidential Race.

I find it interesting that this particular storm comes exactly 11 years and 47 days following the horrifying events of September 11, 2001. On that day, New York was the hardest hit part of the country. It was not the only affected place, but it was the sight of the greatest impact. New York is and has been known as the hub and heart of finance for this nation. When the terror attacks happened, it was a deliberate attack to cripple this nations finances. That day the stock market closed for four days. It was the first time that had happened since the Great Depression. When the markets reopened, the Dow Industrials opened down 7% and closed with its greatest single day loss ever recorded.

When hurricane Sandy hit on October 29, 2012 it shut down the stock market for two days. It’s the first time that there had been an unscheduled closure since September 11, 2001, and the first weather related closure since hurricane Gloria hit in 1985 (note that when Gloria hit the east coast it shut down the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.) While human fatalities range between 11-14, the financial impact of Sandy remain to be tallied.

As I stated before, 9/11 occurred eleven years prior to Sandy. Eleven happens to be a number of significance. Eleven signifies imperfection, disorder, and incompleteness. Since ten represent divine order and twelve represents divine government, eleven comes short of twelve and is in excess of ten, therefore it represents imperfection and disorder. When Judas died, it was a disruption to the representation of governmental order that Jesus had set in place prior to his ascension into heaven. When Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, it represented a disruption into the order of the twelve tribes of Israel until they were reunited in Egypt. Is there some spiritual significance in this disruption in New York which takes place eleven years after the terror attacks?

When I began looking at the fact that there is an additional 47 days between September 11th and October 29th my mind was at a loss since I could make no heads or tails out of it. I could not see any specific significance to that number. But I was directed to a passage of scripture which I could not overlook and say it was merely coincidence. Luke 11:47 says, “Woe to you! For you build tombs of the prophets, and your fathers killed them.” Jesus, in his day gave an open rebuke to the Pharisee who criticized him for sitting down to eat with a certain man. He pointed out their mistreatment of the prophets of old, which was far worse than him eating with someone who had not washed his hands.

What will be the prevailing legacy of this nation as we draw closer to Election Day? What thoughts are on the minds of people beyond political opinions about party affiliations, race, and religion? I personally believe that Hurricane Sandy is a call for many to pay attention to the next seven days, as Election Day approaches and it will no doubt have even greater significance on this nation. Men and women of God have been crying out and have been coming under many attacks since 9/11/01, pleading for this nation to return to its foundation as a God fearing nation. I also believe that if this nation beholds the signs of both 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, it will signify a cultural shift in a brighter direction for many. If America truly rises up, as I believe will happen, get excited for the days ahead.

QUESTION: How do you behold the signs of these times?



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