After All Has Been Said and Done

Now that the results are in and the speeches have been made, the parties have died down, how do you feel? Are you feeling confident and vindicated, or are you having feelings of defeat and and remorse? Whatever you’re thinking, regardless of how you’re feeling, the fact remains that the next four years will be what they will be, according to how you choose to face it.

2008 popular vote by county. Brighter red repr...

2008 popular vote by county. Brighter red represents a higher percentage of the vote for McCain, while darker blue represents a higher percentage of the vote for Obama, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

True enough, decisions will be made, legislation will go forth, and the House and Senate will most likely be at odds. What remains a constant is the one variable that you control; you. After the votes have been tallied and the dust has settled from the winner’s victory speech platform, you will have to face the reality of living in the world leader by the one who is the victory.

What will you do? Will you pray? Will you sulk and denigrate the man and the office? If the latter has been your action of choice in times past, allow me to share this thought with you. When we are charged by scripture to pray for those who have rule over us, it does not specify political party. It does not also specify color, place of origin, financial status, educational background or any other thing that we might choose to determine as a reason why or why we shouldn’t pray.

Paul admonishes us to pray because regardless what we voted, God has established the person who holds the office. He says in his first letter to Timothy that if we’re desirous to live and lead a peaceful and peaceable life, we should pray for kings and all in authority. He not only says that we should pray, but he states that we should intensely pray and intercede on their behalf. Greater still, we are to give thanks for them.

Proverbs 21 says that God is able to turn the heart of a leader whichever way He chooses; that He can work through a leader, or even in spite of a leader when a people who have God’s ear will pray. Millions all across the country, and even more across the globe came together to pray during the weeks leading up to the election. Millions more will be yet praying in the weeks that follow.

This nation is in serious need of healing. In the wake of the health care debate, the Chick fil-A statement, the death of Trayvon Martin, and a host of other events that have injured many people’s trust in systems, prayer and reconciliation are the only things that are going to move this nation in a direction which will lead to true recovery. I challenge us all to rethink, regroup and refocus our efforts on things that will benefit us all over the next four years and beyond.

QUESTION: Will you commit to pray after all that’s been said and done?


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