Do You Have An Ear To Hear What Is Being Said?

One of the most disconcerting things to me is to find myself in a place where I feel as though I’m not hearing from God. Many people are of the opinion that God has said everything He is going to say, since the bible we have today is what we base our faith on. The truth of the matter is that the written word that He has given us is somewhat as some people have said; “basic instructions before leaving earth.” The bible is not the entirety of all He wants to say to us. God desires to be in constant communication with us; even at times when we feel that we don’t have time to listen.

"Kindred?" (Last Upload Of The Night...

“Kindred?” (Last Upload Of The Night, Folks…) (Photo credit: raider3_anime)

One of my favorite scriptures is where it says, “He that has an ear, let him hear.” Interestingly, it is said eight times in the book of The Revelation of John. As I pondered those words recently, God actually knocked me upside my head by the following thought: as Webster’s dictionary describes it, words are “speech sound that symbolize or communicate a meaning.” When we speak or are spoken to, the words that are spoken put forth a sound. The sound created by speaking creates vibrations in the atmosphere. Those vibrations that go out into the air don’t stop moving, even though we don’t still hear it. It is simply moving at a different frequency.

That one thought blew me away. The word never stops going forth, it’s the frequency at which it’s moving which inhibits us from being able to hear it. When I got that, it clicked to me that God is always speaking, yet what He is saying is moving at a frequency that we have to tune our hearing to receive it. In other words, “He that has an ear to hear, let him hear.”

One of the indicators that lets us know that God desires to speak to us is when Jesus tells the disciples that he still had much to tell them, although at the time they could not bear the weight of what he had to share. God is so concerned about us and our ability to handle the things He wishes to share with us that He strategically metes out the word that He has for us.

God has given us a five-fold ministry offices through which He is able to speak to us today; apostles, evangelists, pastors, prophets, and teachers. Too many have placed their own significance on each of these offices through which He speaks, to the neglect or devaluing of the others. They are all invaluable to the perfecting of the body of believers.

The apostle sets order for the body, that there might be direction and harmony within the body, to display unity a favor through obedience. The message of the evangelist calls us to repentance and brings us into right fellowship with the Father. The Pastor shepherds by nurturing, feeding, protecting the body, displaying the heart of God to care for us. Paul even tells us that the gift of the prophetic word is to be desired, that we might know the heart of God. The teacher breaks down the written word so that we can learn what has already been said, gives insight so that we can take it and make daily application of it to our lives. It all works together for our good.

Tuning our ears to hear what God is saying is a matter for us to develop as believers. We must recognize that God does not only speak in that written form known as the bible, or only on Sunday through one of the five-fold offices, He is constantly speaking in us, through us, and all things around us. We have to focus our hearing to the frequency He is communicating on in the same manner as tuning in a transistor radio.

Like a satellite dish, your ear must be turned towards the direction from which His word is coming. Though God changes not, we do. As we grow in Him, God reveals parts of Himself that are new to us, and things that we are able to handle because we’ve reached a new level in Him. We move from glory to glory, so our hearing must become more astute and refined to pick up the fresh thing God is saying in the present day we are in. Culture is constantly in flux, evolving and building on the foundation. God adds a new layer and dimension to our understanding through what He speaks as we are able to handle it. So I say to you this day, “He that has ears to hear, let him hear.”

QUESTION: What ways do you find work for you to ensure that you are hearing what God is saying?


  1. That’s a really good article. I’m glad you understand that God speaks today. I have found so much life in talking to Him, I can’t imagine what it would be like any other way. Thanks for sharing. What are some times you’ve felt like you’ve heard the Lord?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I always appreciate feedback from those who read what I share. Interestingly enough, writing this post was something that came out of my hearing from the Lord. For several days over the last couple of weeks, I had been plagued by writer’s block. All of my creative juices seemed to have suddenly dried up. All of a sudden, just as sure as I am writing now, God began to speak to me through some things that God had actually said through some people I admire. One person received revelation about somethings that he believed God was telling him about advances in technology. When I heard this report bells went off within me and the creativity began to stir up again. Thanks for asking. Feel free to share your own experiences of hearing from God. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be interested to hear.

      1. That’s really cool. God talking to him about advances in technology? That’s awesome. One day I was in the car with my brother and we were trying to understand how computer screens work. How the computer takes the electricity and turns it into pictures we can see on a screen. I told him he should ask his electronics professor and he said that his professor was too busy. Then he followed, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was someone all knowing who you could ask anything too?” I looked at him and after a brief pause said, “I know.”
        “You should ask Him,” I said.
        “I will,” said Josh. “Maybe he’ll tell me in a dream.
        “Well he can tell you in a dream,” I said. “But I’m asking Him now.”
        So I asked God how computers worked. God then proceeded to explain to me how a plasma screen works in plain language. I told my brother what he said and he looked at me with bewildered eyes. “I think that’s right,” he said. He then pulled out his smart phone and looked for an answer. I called my technological savvy friend and asked him if what I heard was right. He said it was correct. In our later research, I found I had heard correct, just in simpler language. So yea, God taught me how a plasma screen works. That was a really cool moment.

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