Back On Track

It’s not uncommon to find yourself off track when it comes to plans you make. I’ve had my share of derailments in recent weeks with things that I’m working on. Whether its school, home, or something else that I’ve set as part of my plan to establish a legacy for myself and family, I can still get off track because of various factors that come into play. Yet, what happens when a nation appears to have gotten off track? Are there different strategies for nation versus those needed for an individual?


Crossroads (Photo credit: Roger Smith)

On a personal note, when I get off track I often have to take a moment to step back and review where I’ve gotten off. Stepping back allows me to gain perspective to see where I am as oppose to where I planned to be. I need to refocus and remember the vision. When I see that my vision is skewed, I must refocus myself, and get back myself back into alignment with my vision. Often this requires me to bounce some things off of other people. I don’t always do this because as I begin to recall my vision, I don’t want to allow other people’s views to create division in my vision, but I do want to allow others views to help me bring clarity to what I’m doing and where I’m headed.

Something that often happens to me that takes me off track is taking on too much. Like trains, we’re meant to carry only so much, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. When we take on too much we have less flexibility, we can’t make adjustments as quickly, and we don’t have the same capacity for momentum when facing uphill challenges.

As a nation, it appears that we have gotten off track. Some will suggest that it’s been that way for quite some time. Some will even suggest that we’re on the verge of a huge train wreck that we cannot recover from, and the recent election is only a reflection of it. Much of these views are a result of the apparent division within this nation. When there is division it is impossible to moving in a single direction because people believe that the varying views will get them to the same outcome. That divided vision causes a nation to see split tracks as though it were one track. If there is no consensus on which direction to move in, a nation gets derailed.

Over a century ago, this nation came to a crossing. The division in the vision that this nation had drove it into a bloody civil war. Once again, this nation finds itself at a crossing. The stakes are higher because the burden it is carrying is greater. This nation needs to take a moment to step back and see where it is compared to where it hopes to go. When the rest of the world’s eyes are upon us, and many other nations are seeking to take advantage of the situation. This nation can get back on track if it can take a moment, review the map, peruse where we’ve come from and see where we need to be. Let’s do what’s needed to get this nation back on track.

QUESTION: How can you commit to getting yourself and this nation back on track?

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