Find Yourself in The Black this Friday

While there is much debate over the origin of the actual first Black Friday, the tradition is decades old. A time when businesses would find out whether or not they would have a profitable year; i.e. they’d either be in the red or in the black. Yet, whether or not businesses are in the black this year, there still yet remains a bit of a black cloud hanging over the nation’s head as people are still trying to figure out what happened on November 4th.

English: Black Friday shoppers in the morning ...

English: Black Friday shoppers in the morning at Wal-Mart store #2137 at New Hope Commons in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Others are more concerned with the state of their own personal economies than they are the nation. The very fact that many are at the precipice of their own financial situations is causing many to make tough decisions about the coming weeks, that go far beyond whether or not Corporate America has a Black Friday or not. Many people may complain and even strike over the fact that stores like Walmart are choosing to open their doors early for sales to ensure their own profit margins, the employees of Hostess and Wonder Bread are wondering if they’ll even have a Merry Christmas to look forward to.

There are those who are still trying to be thankful for the fact that Hurricane Sandy was not as bad as it could have been. Thousands are still without power and countless numbers of people do not have safe homes to return to, but they have each other. In spite of it all, there remains people with a no quit attitude. There yet remains a hope within them, because there are those who have hearts large enough to say, “Don’t give up, the sun will come out tomorrow.”

All of this got me to thinking about one simple thing. Going beyond today, you don’t have to be under a black cloud. You can determine to not be emotionally in the red, but “in the black” depending on how you choose to face the things that are going on around you. I’ve mentioned before how your attitude determines your altitude. If you can determine within yourself, regardless what negative things are happening or you perceive to be happening, that you will look for the opportunity in the situation to create something awesome, help someone, or even improve your own circumstance through doing something different from how you might have done it in times past, you may find that things around you are brighter than what you previously thought.

Now is a time to be looking ahead. We’re almost into the 12th and final month of the year. People are already focused on next year, if not beyond that. How you choose to think now will play a major part in how you view your potential for a great new year and beyond. Start today by choosing to see yourself in the black, not under a black cloud.

QUESTION: How do you plan to face Black Friday?

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