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2013: The Year in PREview

So common are the year end reviews that are done every December by almost everyone, that my wife actually hates them, and will tune them out at the first sign of one being done. I on the other hand find them to be quite insightful. They offer me an opportunity to see what many have […]

The Third Renaissance

There is a saying that, “given enough time, history will repeat itself.” It appears that we may very well be approaching just such a time. That would be a new Renaissance Era. Many who know history and have studied cultural development over time will recognize Florence, Italy was the epicenter of a 150 year cultural […]

If Today Were The Day It All Ended

It’s hard not to laugh about today. For over a year or more, people have been doing a lot of hypothesizing about today’s date. Many have been analyzing the data according to what they understand, or believe they understand about Mayan Calendars. They look at it and come to the conclusion that somehow, in some […]

Open Heaven

If you’re even the slightest familiar with pastor and author Tommy Tenney, you’ll know that he epitomizes the spirit of David. He’s a man who is so after God’s heart. As the one who established the phrase “God Chaser” in the lexicon of the body of believers, he has literally ushered a movement of people […]

The Trauma of 2012

It can be quite disconcerting to even begin to make heads or tails out of all the tragedies that have occurred over this year. On February 26 we heard of the heinous acts that resulted in the death of a young boy in Sanford, Florida, named Treyvon Martin. There was an immediate outcry from all […]

Twelve Twelve Twelve

Today’s the day. It is the last date this century to have consecutive numbers for the month, day and year. More than likely, many of us will not have the luxury of being around to see this feat repeat. It Has been one of many days people have actually been waiting and even planning for. […]

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