Twelve Twelve Twelve

Today’s the day. It is the last date this century to have consecutive numbers for the month, day and year. More than likely, many of us will not have the luxury of being around to see this feat repeat. It Has been one of many days people have actually been waiting and even planning for. All over, people are expectant that something awesome will take place. I am actually one such person.


12-12-2012 (Photo credit: the past tends to disappear)

As I mentioned last year and even a couple times during this year, the number 12 holds great significance. It is a number that constitutes foundation, government, and order. Today that number is tripled. For some people it will be merely an opportunity to try to win money, hoping that it will pop up in a lottery. Others will see it as just another day and not give it a second thought. I however am looking to something spectacular to occur.

This year has seen much shaking and change with people’s opinions and thought processes on many levels of. It has caused people to check the foundations of what they know and believe. Do the things that they have held on to for years still hold merit, or is there something beyond or greater than what has been? The grounds of personal truth are being tested to see why shall stand. In my personal life, I have had this take place in the last couple of years leading up to this one. Much of what I have held onto has been proven sure and has sustained me in the midst of the turbulence of things that took place this year. For that I am grateful.

Governments have had their testings and trials this year as well. Whether it has been the issues of marriage laws, marijuana, or how they will proceed with dealing with the uncertainties of a nation that still doesn’t agree with the direction it is on, government is finding that solutions have to be found if there is to be a forward momentum that will also unify the people.

If there is to be found order in this country, from the lowest place to the highest place, there must be a resolve between today and the end of the year, that order will be the order of the day. People are calling for structures and common sense at every level. If we can Somehow get our lives in order, the government set, and the foundations solidified, there is no doubt in my mind that a miracle is about to take place. Let see if today can be a day we all mark in our calendars that something awesome began.


QUESTION: Do you have an expectation that something great will happen today? What are you hoping for?


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