If Today Were The Day It All Ended

It’s hard not to laugh about today. For over a year or more, people have been doing a lot of hypothesizing about today’s date. Many have been analyzing the data according to what they understand, or believe they understand about Mayan Calendars. They look at it and come to the conclusion that somehow, in some way the world would come to a cataclysmic and even catastrophic end. Some people are making preparations to exit life, while others are going about their usual routines. Seeing as how there are so many possibilities for the outcome to today, I thought I’d take a moment to simply share what I felt it might be like if today were the day it all ended.


Tomorrow (Photo credit: margot.trudell)

As a Christian, I know that today isn’t the day, because if it were, it means that all I believe was wrong. What do I mean by that? First of all, I’ve been raised with the understanding that no man would know the day or hour that Christ would return. If the world were in fact ending today, then it means that people have known for ages the day He is returning. It also means that many people who feel as though they could have waited until the last possible moment to “get themselves right with God” had their cake and ate it too. It also means that the bible was wrong about not knowing when it would all happen. If that was wrong, then we’re believing in a false God.

A Christian who believes that God is perfect can’t be wrong about His own plan or lie about it. A Christian would also be spending the entire week this week to do what he or she could to make sure that they don’t go alone. Those who aren’t Christians would more than likely be quitting everything to either put their affairs in order, or capitalizing on the fact that the world was coming to an end. The real crazy thing about the world coming to an end is that while you might know it’s ending, you still don’t know how it’s going to happen. Some like the notion of it being uneventful, while others would rather see it all go out with a bang.

Ask yourself a few questions as it pertains to today. If the world did end today, would it have mattered that you lived? If the world ended today, do you have hope for there being something more to follow? In all that has gone on in your life, would those around you call you or contact you to say that it was worth it all just knowing you? Who would you call or contact to let them know that they mattered to you? Would you still be thinking about your career, your dreams, your ambitions and all the things you didn’t accomplish? Would your mind be filled with remorse and regrets? Would you be content in knowing you lived your best life?

As you ponder these questions, spend today thinking long and hard about what it might have been like had today actually been the day. Make a concerted effort to make those necessary adjustments so that the life you lead beyond today, reflects the story of your life you wished were told.

QUESTION: What tings have you considered in the eventuality that today were the day it all ended?


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