The Third Renaissance

There is a saying that, “given enough time, history will repeat itself.” It appears that we may very well be approaching just such a time. That would be a new Renaissance Era. Many who know history and have studied cultural development over time will recognize Florence, Italy was the epicenter of a 150 year cultural revival that we now know as the Renaissance. It began in the mid fourteenth century and lasted until the sixteenth century. The word Renaissance is derived from the Italian word rinascita meaning “rebirth.” This “rebirth” changed the way people created art, wrote literature, and designed architecture. It even had a major influence in how people related to God and their faith.

A crop circle in the form of a triskelion

A crop circle in the form of a triskelion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 1920’s saw the emergence of the second Renaissance period known as the Harlem Renaissance. It was a time when blacks in America migrated in mass from the South for opportunities that seemed to be of great promise in the North. With that great people movement came a grand cultural shift that birthed a whole new scene for faith, music, literature, art, language and architecture.

So much has occurred in the years between these two Renaissance periods, and so much has occurred since the waning of the second Renaissance period. We are now at the precipice of a new Renaissance Era. This third period is expected to reveal even greater things than could ever have been imagined. Much of what will take place will not just be in the area of the arts and music, but also science and technology, education, and even faith.

This Renaissance will not be an evolution, but an elevation of the perspectives in each area. It will denote an actualization that we do not operate autonomously but in conjunction with an all knowing Creator who has a greater story to tell than has previously been told. Imagine all of the things that haven’t been done, but merely dreamed of actually becoming reality. Imagine things you would think impossible becoming possible. What might that look like for you? What might it be like to realize that you could actually play an integral part in any area of this emerging Renaissance?

Are there things in our present day surroundings that have left clues that can unleash the potential of this new Renaissance? When John the Revelator penned the last book of the bible, he didn’t have the capacity to adequately foretell what he saw because he had no frame of reference to pull from. If people are able to tap into the realm that God has given us to connect with Him for the solutions to the things that will bring about this Renaissance, it will be the most glorious thing to unfold since Christ arose and ascended into heaven.


QUESTION: Do you carry within yourself the hope of this Third Renaissance? How do you see yourself playing a part in it?


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