2013: The Year in PREview

So common are the year end reviews that are done every December by almost everyone, that my wife actually hates them, and will tune them out at the first sign of one being done. I on the other hand find them to be quite insightful. They offer me an opportunity to see what many have considered to be the year’s highs and lows; what they’ve deemed important and of greatest significance. Nevertheless, what I think would be interesting is to hypothesize what next year will be like. This isn’t a prophetic declaration whereby I would state that what I’m sharing will emphatically happen, but somewhat of a analysis of what may happen, given what has occurred already.

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 (Photo credit: Mark Kens)

With all the above having been said, let’s consider the political landscape. I imagine that this will be another tough year for the President if there is no change in strategy as to how to work with Congress. The “fiscal cliff” that is upon us is just one example of the frustration of Americans to the status quo response of leadership in this nation. People are tired of inaction and infighting.

If the President wants to truly solidify a legacy, not as a black president, but as the political outsider with viable grassroots solutions, he must find a way to still present his ideas in a way that Congress will be more willing to work with him. In as much as it appears that the only opposition is just from the republicans, things are not sitting well with democrats either. The division that was revealed by the 2012 election points to people wanting real change, real solutions, real results, and done real soon. 2013 has the potential to be a great year if The American People are made a priority of politicians.

Economically speaking, 2013 is poised to be a great year for small business. If there is anything I can say about this, it’s that opportunities are out there in plenty for those who have a great mind. It won’t even be great ideas that bring about the best chances, but people who can take what already is available and doing it in a novel way. I do believe there is the potential for great innovation in media, education, business, science and technology. What will really be a grand opportunity will be the ability to have the cooperation of others who won’t feel threatened by new ideas that may potentially revolutionize certain industries. With a takeoff in small business, the potential to boost every other sector also improves. The housing market, unemployment, and travel industry have an opportunity to get better.

The outlook for the religious community is one of reserved hope. I say this because there has yet been one significant incident to truly unify the body of believers as one. Evangelist Franklin Graham even suggest that the nation is facing something of a “Spiritual Cliff.” If the church be at the heart of the nation’s moral fiber, than it stands to reason that there must be a focus by the church to do what it has been called to do to pray, stand in the gap, and model the exemplary life that the church has been called to show forth.

While much of this may not seem so exciting or even significant as a loo into 2013, I do believe that these will be key points to pay attention to. Many of the other things such as weather changes, what celebrity did what, and what team won the big games, what movie or concert shined brightest will only be things that will color the year. As you go through next year, remember the things that I’ve highlighted today and see whether or not the things rings true.


QUESTION: What things do you see as being possible in the new year?


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