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Why the Boy Scouts of America’s Change is an Opportunity for Ministry

The world by now is completely aware of the changes that are being made by The National Boy Scout of America. For years it has stood firm on its stance that as a Christian organization, it needed to remain vigilant regarding those who lead these young men in their development into adulthood and in civic […]

A One Track Mind in a Multitasking World

When I was young, I loved to watch the clowns at carnivals and at the circus. They were so talented; especially when it came to things like juggling. I find the art of juggling to be quite fascinating, and I admire anyone who is able to do it. Whether it’s bowling pins, fruit, balls, knives, […]

Understanding Bible Mysteries

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t at one time or another during their life, to not have questions about things in the bible and church. Everyone has struggles when it comes to matters of faith; even those who proclaim to be void of it. Ira Milligan seeks to demystify many of the questions people most […]

Presidents and Kings

Today has duel significance. For most, many will be focused on the fact that it is the day that our 44th president and his vice are sworn into office for a second term. Four more years to do the job of executing all of the responsibilities that the constitution and people have entrusted to them. […]

When Life Scripted Gets Real

I’m not ashamed to say that I actually have spent quite a number of hours watching “Reality Television.” While I am not as versed with programs that date back to the MTV era like Real World, or present day shows like Mob Wives, because these are shows that have not interested me, there are other […]

Being Comfortable In The Skin You’re In

I was thinking the other day about my youth. Like many, growing up can be a hard part of life depending on the circumstances you have to deal with. For much of my own, I did not have my father because he died when I was young. Many of the things I had to deal […]

What Happens When You Begin Where You Are

We’re only a few days into 2013, and many have both made and even broken their resolutions already. It can be tough, I know. I try not to make resolutions other than to do better than I did the year before. Trying to focus on one key thing is nice, but if you’re like me, […]

5 Reasons Why You should NOT Be Afraid of TLC’s The Sisterhood

I must admit that when The Learning Channel‘s (TLC) proposed to bring the reality show The Sisterhood to their network I initially had my reservations and preconceived ideas about how it would be perceived by not only the church world, but the world at large. I couldn’t imagine how after dozens of other shows from […]

Children Are Amazing

You simply have to love my son. He’s only two years old, but he has established himself early on as being the “morning person”. Yes indeed. It really doesn’t matter whether the sun has barely have crested the horizon to given a glimmer of light to the day through the window, or there be clouds […]

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