Children Are Amazing


Children (Photo credit: Venkataramesh.Kommoju)

You simply have to love my son. He’s only two years old, but he has established himself early on as being the “morning person”. Yes indeed. It really doesn’t matter whether the sun has barely have crested the horizon to given a glimmer of light to the day through the window, or there be clouds to fill the sky making you feel as though night will never end. Either way, he’s up like a rooster with the precision of a quartz time piece, smile affixed and a “Good morning” ready to drop from his lips and soulful eyes full of expectation of breakfast.

This is the polar opposite of my three year old daughter. Despite our best efforts since the day she was born, she has made sure that we know that she will always be the night owl. We’ve tried every trick known to man to get her to go to sleep as easily as her brother at night. You’d think that it would have been easy, but with two parents who typically burn the midnight oil, she manages to thwart all of the expert techniques. All this leads to a girl who is so not the “morning person”. She loves to sleep late, and if you wake her early, she will no doubt make you regret it.

The one thing these two share in common is that beyond their inquisitive nature is their ability to get around anything that can be considered child-proof. How is it that two toddlers can work their way around safety caps, unhook car seats and seat belts, and even barriers meant to keep them confined to certain areas to play in? Many of the things they do, amaze their mother and me simply because we know that we’re so careful to arrange things for their safety, and yet they find a way around it.

Our saving grace is that school is just around the corner, and we know that all of this ingenuity will be great once they start. We see their creativity and ability to analyze. Even on yesterday when they were playing games I observed how my daughter sees things that even I wouldn’t have thought to do. She gets that from her mother (but don’t tell her I said that).

With a new year under way, and so much promise in the youth that are following us, it going to be that much more important to invest in them and give them the best chance they can get to be all that they can be. As amazing as our little ones are, we are the ones charged with the responsibility to make sure they have all they need to succeed. They are our legacy.

QUESTION: How are you investing in your amazing children to ensure your legacy?

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