5 Reasons Why You should NOT Be Afraid of TLC’s The Sisterhood

I must admit that when The Learning Channel‘s (TLC) proposed to bring the reality show The Sisterhood to their network I initially had my reservations and preconceived ideas about how it would be perceived by not only the church world, but the world at large. I couldn’t imagine how after dozens of other shows from several other networks that had capitalized on the lives of women who were either married or involved in a current or prior relationship with well to do men in sports, music, business and other industries, women of faith could allow their lives to be put under the microscope and be scrutinized by the viewing public.

Discovery TLC Asia

Discovery TLC Asia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like my wife, I have had my fill with the disappointment of seeing the devaluing of women, especially women of color through the all of the tawdry tirades, the fighting amongst each other and their families, the utter disrespect, self-loathing and even shameless self-promotion. I wondered how, if possible, they could be different, rise above the low down and dirty reputations of its predecessors, and be socially and spiritually redeeming. However, I chose to reserve my judgment of the show until I had at least watched the inaugural pilot episode.


  1. Christina and her husband Anthony Murray are (respectively) the “First Lady” and Pastor of Oasis Family Life Church. Their ministry is very contemporary, progressive, and thriving. What I love about them is that they pull no punches when it comes to raising their teenage daughters. Many will balk at the fact that they are dealing with the realities of raising them in a world with boys and sex, but for too long the church has failed in how to effectively navigate young people through the treacherous waters of puberty, purity, and protection. Growing up a preacher’s kid is hard enough, but having parents who like God Himself will put before you “Life and Death, the blessing and the curse” and tell you to choose is a great display of The Father’s heart.
  2. Ivy and her husband Mark Couch oversee Emmanuel Tabernacle as the “First Lady” and Pastor (respectively). Ivy makes no bones about her devotions to being the quintessential housewife to her husband and mother to her son Mark II. Some take issue with Ivy’s comments about her brief stint performing with the all-girl’s music group Xscape, but it did happen. Ivy and her husband aren’t ashamed, nor should they be, about truly loving one another and being real about being free to express what they enjoy about marriage and the bedroom. It’s difficult enough for a pastor to keep his calling in order and the congregation moving in the direction it needs to, but having a happy wife truly does make for a happy life. Home is where the heart is. So don’t be afraid to see what Paul explained to Timothy brought into light.
  3. Tara and Brian Lewis came to Atlanta with high hopes of leading an established church, but six weeks in, they were released. It’s hard when your vision doesn’t mesh with an already rooted ministries tradition, but Tara and Brian have made due in spite of it through their Phenomenal Life Television Ministry and Mom Fit exercise training business. They are completely unapologetic when it comes to their interfaith/interracial relationship. It’s what separates them from the masses. It is also what gives them a great perspective and ability to model what Jesus intended for the disciples to display when they came out of the Upper Room; true marketplace ministry.
  4. Domonique and Brian Scott are co-pastors of Good Life International Church. What is unique about this couple is that they, like so many in these recent years, have to deal with the difficulties of running a ministry that is struggling, both financially and in growing in a  city where choices of churches are abundant.
  5. DeLana and Myles Rutherford are worship leaders who now co-pastor Worship with Wonders Church. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, these two moved to the area to demonstrate how God can use imperfect people to do extraordinary things. They don’t dress, talk or look the way many might expect of leaders of the church; but that’s the point. John the Baptist didn’t have a traditional appearance and neither do the Rutherford’s.


If you aren’t ready for a show with Christians who are real and deal with real life issues in a real life way, then maybe this is not the show for you. Yet, don’t expect this show to go anywhere. The church needs a REALITY check and from what I can tell, The Sisterhood may be just the show to do just that.

QUESTION: What has been your observations about The Sisterhood? Why will you or won’t you watch this show


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