What Happens When You Begin Where You Are

We’re only a few days into 2013, and many have both made and even broken their resolutions already. It can be tough, I know. I try not to make resolutions other than to do better than I did the year before. Trying to focus on one key thing is nice, but if you’re like me, you have more than one thing that you want to improve on. My greatest struggle this year has been with this very blog. The greatest downer for me is to know that I’m only a year into the process, have made great progress along the way, and then run short on ideas. Isn’t it funny how that can happen?

you are here

you are here (Photo credit: szpako)

In spite of that, the great thing is to know that I can recover. If you have experienced a bit of a stall of your own lately, writing may not be the thing that has stalled you, but all the same it had to be quite bothersome. To move beyond this quite difficult point, I couldn’t just ignore it. That in itself would have only frustrated me further. Instead, I had to begin where I was.

What that means is that I had to begin to look at where I am currently in both my processes and my station. I had to consider that the processes that worked for me prior may not be able to be the same processes I can still look to for continued progress. I also had to consider that my current status might have changed, which in turn meant that I had to view things from a new perspective. While these to revelations didn’t come easy or all at once, it did enable me to face the hindrances that had blocked me from the thing I had going for me.

It’d be great to say that it happened magically or without assistance, but things like that are a rarity. I have to give credit where credit is due. My family, and my wife in particular can help significantly in drawing things out of me that I myself might not be able to do on my own. Those are one of the many things I love about her.

Beginning where you are, interestingly enough is often what God looks for from us most often in our lives. We tend to think that we have to get to a specific point to be able to do something, when He tells us to start where we are. When a poor widow thought all was lost and there was no way her debt could ever be paid, a prophet told her to begin where she was, by filling jars with oil. She sold that oil and not only paid her debt, it was enough to get her through a recession.

You may have found yourself in a tight spot when this year started, and it could very well have been through no fault of your own; but if you begin where you are and see what is around you, you may find that what is there is enough to move you to a new realm and degree that you had not before even known was available.

QUESTION: Have you experienced an amazing situation occur when you simply took a moment to recognize where you were and then start there? What was it?

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