Presidents and Kings

Today has duel significance. For most, many will be focused on the fact that it is the day that our 44th president and his vice are sworn into office for a second term. Four more years to do the job of executing all of the responsibilities that the constitution and people have entrusted to them. Even as the speeches go forth declaring their dedication to the task, my mind is reminded of the other thing that this day signifies. It is the day that has been officially set aside by this nation, to remember the man who embodied the message of, “all men created equal.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo credit: UIC Digital Collections)

Dr. Martin Luther King died, conveying a message of hope that this nation would one day be a nation that saw its people work, live, and play hand in hand as equals, respecting one another, and not seeing each other for the difference of skin or judging one another because of it, but embracing those differences and determining that character was the true measure of humanity.

The next four years will determine whether we have truly made progress in the direction of being a people who are as Dr. King envisioned, or once again praying for the day it will become manifested. The fact that this president has the hard task of truly bringing a semblance of unity within this divided nation; divided in political doctrine, economic advancement, religious liberty and social justice. I don’t presume to know how or even if he can accomplish the arduous task that is laid out before him, but there is no doubt that many will have hope that this will be the best time available for something to be done.

Dr. King had an inkling that his time was short, knowing that there were many who fought the dream he espoused. While President Obama has faced his own challenges, his time is limited not by opposition, but by the limits of service he has. He knows the exact end date. The road ahead has the potential to be far brighter than the one behind him so long as people see the bigger picture that is before us all. Let me be clear about one thing. The task does not solely rest on the president’s shoulders alone. The entire nation has a part in bringing the dream to pass. Yet the president will be looked to as the lead in making strides to effect the necessary changes that all are desperately seeking and desiring.

It has been over 40 years since Dr. King enlisted the aid of a president to get things moving in the right direction. It is up to modern day kings to follow suit and make a demand on the president to further the moves needed to lift this nation to that Promised Land that had been foreseen over 400 years ago when the author of the Declaration of Independence professed this nation to be “equal.”


QUESTION: How are you as King’s heir committed to doing something to make hid dream a reality?

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