A One Track Mind in a Multitasking World

When I was young, I loved to watch the clowns at carnivals and at the circus. They were so talented; especially when it came to things like juggling. I find the art of juggling to be quite fascinating, and I admire anyone who is able to do it. Whether it’s bowling pins, fruit, balls, knives, hoops and rings, plates or any combination of those item, I am amazed.

Juggling three

Juggling three (Photo credit: Dvortygirl)

As an adult, it is expected that a person be able to multitask. This is another thing that in my mind is much like those juggling clowns. When I come across someone who can multitask, I again am taken aback at their ability to do what they do. My wife is a prime example of a person who can do it all. She can work on her personal business, cook dinner, put the kids in check, all while ministering to someone over the phone. It literally blows me away.

As for me, I am the epitome of a one track minded person. I have to do one thing at a time. The moment I try to do more than one thing at a time, my brain begins to either go into overload or shuts down because I cannot focus any longer. I know I shouldn’t say this because the world wants me and everyone to believe that we should all be able to multitask and be proficient at it. However, I believe that too many problems arise out of some people who multitask.

According to a recent study, some people just should not multitask. I actually thought it was funny that just as I was preparing this blog, this was being reported on to bear out that very point. The question becomes, what is a one track minded person to do if the world expects you to multitask? It’s obvious that you can’t “fake it until you make it.”

QUESTION: Do you have any suggestions for one track minded people to be able to fit into a multitasking world?

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