Why the Boy Scouts of America’s Change is an Opportunity for Ministry

The world by now is completely aware of the changes that are being made by The National Boy Scout of America. For years it has stood firm on its stance that as a Christian organization, it needed to remain vigilant regarding those who lead these young men in their development into adulthood and in civic duty; the hallmarks of it being rooted in service to both God and country, not unlike our armed forces.

Boy Scout

Boy Scout (Photo credit: born1945)

Whereas the government has recently changed its own position of “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” the Boy Scouts of America has for years come under great pressure to permit avowed gay men to be permitted to ascend the ranks to the coveted position of Eagle Scout and to even become a troop leader where you’re charged with the role of molding young men toward manhood.  Now, the Boy Scouts have also changed its own position, under that pressure and are now with certain limits allowing for the inclusion of those who are gay to participate fully as scouts and scout masters.

This has created a major ripples throughout the nation and even the religious community. After several states have overturned their position on the definition of marriage and now have legalized same sex unions, the announcement by the Boy Scouts has seemingly caused many to feel justified in believing that America is in a deep moral decline. Despite what your thoughts may be in regards to this, permit me to state my case for why this presents Christians with an opportunity to minister.

  • Christ had a ministry of inclusion: During his earthly ministry Jesus never turned anyone away for who they were. Even when he took issue with people, it was those who were the scribes and teachers of Mosaic Law. He often declared, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick…. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” There is no greater opportunity to be salt and light than when we put on display what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like.
  • Love Draws, not Hate: Christ always ministered from a place of love. Even when it appeared that he was turning someone away, it way because there was a purpose and plan to come to his own first, not to deny someone because of who they were, what their economic station was or any other thing that many give as a reason to exclude.

This change in position by the Boy Scouts of America doesn’t have to signify the end of era. It can actually signify the awakening of blinded eyes within the body. If those of the Body of Christ seize this opportunity to be magnets that draw rather than repel here, there can be no doubt that the culture will begin to see a positive shift in the right direction.

QUESTION: Does this change create cause for concern for you or give you a reason to dig deeper into your Kingdom walk? 

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