Super Sow Sunday

This Sunday while millions of sports fans are watching the biggest game in America, there will be a not so known event taking place that has the potential to be quite a difference maker for those who have the desire to develop their green thumbs. It’s called Super Sow Sunday. Getting it’s start about three years ago, seed planters have been taking to twitter to  join together to spread the word that the day that people are watching the “Big Game” is also the perfect time to do their planting for spring.supersowsunday

While I may not have the knack for all things green, I can appreciate the sentiment behind this event. Spring is a time when things are expected to bud, blossom and bloom. As a Christian, it is common to be expected to “sow seeds of faith.” That often is done in the form of giving a tithe or offering to the local church. It’s so funny because while many still argue about people cutting out of church early for the Super Bowl and other things, I have to admit that the thought of a Super Sow Sunday couldn’t be any more Christ like than anything that I have read about him doing in the bible.

The people complained that Jesus was sacrilegious by doing what they considered to be work on the Sabbath.  Did Jesus actually work on the Sabbath? He sure did. Jesus was working mighty miracles; miracles like healing sick people, feeding his followers, and even cursing a tree that appeared to be bearing fruit but were barren instead. You may not consider working in your garden an act of so grand a thing as what Jesus did, but it is a means of participating in the creative process that God gave us from the time He placed Adam and Eve in the Garden and told them to be “fruitful, and multiply, fill and subdue it… I have given you every herb that yields seed…”

Whether you choose to enter the House of the Lord this Sunday, getting back to nature in your yard or communing with friends around a table, you can choose to sow something that is of significance to God. If your heart is set on pleasing Him, you can rest in knowing that you’re being fruitful in either circumstance. You can sow seeds of love, kindness, forgiveness and good cheer. You can sow favor and blessings, or a tip to your waiter. You can sow a blanket to a homeless person or a moment of free time to an overtaxed and burdened single mother. God is seeing your heart and is smiling at His children fulfilling the call to be like Him in the earth.

QUESTION: What will you be doing this Super Sunday?


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