8 Lessons Learned Watching Super Bowl 47

The big game is finally over, the commercials have all played to both shock and awe of millions, the trophy is now in the hands of the champions who will head back to their home and receive a grand ticker tape parade and the adoration of many fans. The MVP Joe Flacco has much leverage going into his contract negotiations, Ray Lewis can retire having sealed his legacy with a victory, and the rest of the teams has much to consider when thoughts begin to turn to the off season and fast approaching draft picks.

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

There can be no doubt that last night’s Super Bowl was by far one of the best games to be seen in quite some time. Of course, I may be a bit partial in that regards since my hometown team The Baltimore Ravens played and won the big game. While I cannot claim to be the greatest enthusiast of football. What I can claim is to love things that are full of excitement and entertaining. I watched last night’s big Super Bowl Spectacular and found many lessons that could serve a person well in many areas of life. Take a look at the few I’ve noted and see if you agree.

  • Start with a Dream: When you have a dream to focus on, it becomes great motivation for you to reach and achieve great things. From the very beginning, both teams had their eyes set on attaining the big prize. Both teams had a particular motivation that enabled them to make it to the big game, and the dream culminated with them both standing right in the place that they fought hard the entire season to obtain.
  • Come Ready for Action: When the Raven’s arrived in New Orleans, one thing that separated them from their opponents was the way they came dressed. While the team from San Francisco came wearing sweats and other things that were considered comfortable for the ride, the Raven’s chose to come “Dressed for Success.” They say that clothes makes the man and that you dress how you feel. The Raven’s dressed for business and appeared to feel good about it.
  • Don’t Assume Anything: Prior to the game, it is a tradition that both teams get to pose for pictures with the coveted trophy. Ray Lewis is a man that can motivate his team with great success. He issued a “no pose” policy for the team, to keep them hungry for the win. The premise was that they had not earned the title, and until the game was officially won they didn’t deserve that honor.
  • Don’t Give into Naysayers: There will always be people who will count you out as an underdog; especially when your competition has been to the big dance more often then you. However, confidence in your own abilities and a determined spirit can lift you up and keep you on target.
  • Let Your Actions Speak: Actions always speak louder than words. While many think that it’s a good thing to be able to trash talk the opposition, it’s always better to allow your work to validate you. When your work ethics speak for you, you have all the ammunition to back up your words.
  • Setbacks Aren’t the End: When the lights went out just moments into the second half of the game, it would have been easy to give in when the momentum that had been lost and the opposition’s cards seemed to be in their favor. The true heart of a champion is shown when you can regroup, recover and not let those things rattle your cage. Things happen. How you deal with it goes far in determining where you go from those momentary setbacks.
  • Competition and Pressure are Often Good: It’s easy for fans to say that it’s exciting to see you blow away your competition, but the truth is that the greater victory and the best stories are those that have great highs and lows. Pivotal moments make for more exciting stories to tell. When the game shifted and it looked as though all of America would be right in their predictions of a San Francisco victory, that pressure turned a team that had been seen as coal start to shine bright as a diamond.
  • Always Remember Where Your Help Comes From: Say what you want about faith in sports, but it’s the mark of a true champion who does not think that they won solely of their own merits. Giving credit where it’s due goes a long way in keeping you humble and vindicated when things go in your favor.

Despite what you may feel about the outcome of the game, there are always lessons that can be learned. I congratulate both teams for their valiant efforts in last night’s big game. Coaches, players, and owners alike should be very pleased.  Whether you win or lose, it’s the one who can find the lessons in it that will be the better for it in the future.

QUESTION: What lessons did you take from the Super Bowl game last night?


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