Who’s Following You?

Over the last several posts that I’ve done, I have talked quite a bit about leadership from the follower’s perspective. During this time, a thought occurred to me. In the process of following whomever you’re following, it is possible that you too can be followed. Have you ever wondered who’s following you? This thought was first sparked a while back when I was in a marketing class and my teacher shared a very interesting video in which a company named Mellow Mushroom did a major campaign for those who follow them through Facebook and Twitter social media with the tag phrase, “Follow us, we’ll follow you.” Every single day, whether you know it or not, you’re being followed by someone.

So many people joke about being followed by the government through all the technology that is available. I remember this being a big topic back when the movie Enemy of the State came out, featuring Will Smith, Regina King and Gene Hackman. This was played out in recent years with the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, and many questions were raised when the LAPD was on the hunt to find Chris Dorner.

Believe it or not, another area of opportunity for you to be followed is through your everyday shopping. We saw this play out in the movie Minority Report, featuring Tom Cruise. A recent Forbes article illustrated just how savvy stores are getting in this area. It showed how an unsuspecting father knew less about his daughter than retail firm Target did. A story ran by CNN called “The Cyberazzi are watching You,” illustrated just how strategic advertisers are in making sure they grab the right people to sell to.

If you think that is something, you may also be interested to know that people are following your vote. A story that PBS ran on their Frontline programs that went into great detail regarding how people are tracked through narrow casting. It’s so sophisticated, it makes you think that you’re living in an episode of Criminal Minds.

With all this said, you cannot forget that it’s those who are closest to you who will most likely have a legitimate reason to follow you. Everyone else is following you to either profit off of you or to do harm to you. Those who trust you and respect you will follow you simply because you have something to offer them that is priceless. There is no Master Card or app for that. Be sure that if you are being followed, you have something of value worth being followed.


QUESTION: How do you feel about those who may be following you?



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