Two Reasons You Cannot Follow Me On Twitter

I may still be able to consider myself a young and in the know kind of guy when it comes to social media, but I am often not what marketers would consider as an early adopter. I’m probably not even what they would call the early majority. I’m probably what you might consider the late majority. Yet when it comes to Twitter, I’m probably going to fall into the category of a complete and total laggard. It’ not so much that I am not tech savvy because I like to think of myself as someone who is willing to embrace new things when I become aware of it and see where I fit into the grand scheme of things.

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When it came to the emergence of social networks like Myspace and Facebook, I had my early issues with the thought of it being the place where stalkers hung out and just determined that putting myself out there just didn’t make sense at the time. After seeing them both for their ability to connect me to people I had not previously been able to reconnect with, and then also being able to connect to people I never imagined I’d ever have the pleasure of connecting to, I eventually changed my mind and have benefitted immensely.

Twitter, while I do understand what it is, still remains a bit of an enigma for me. Not so much in the area of understanding it. I understand it very well. I actually see its benefits for what it is capable of doing. My reservations however remain in the area of hashtags and asperses.

  • I Like Simplicity:  I realize that avid Twitter users will probably think of me as being too simple minded, but I think it’s still too complicated. I know that the concept is meant to allow you to send short messages in the same way that some phones limit the number of characters you use in sending a text message. I know that you have the ability to either an individual or a group of people through the use of a given character. Yet it’s those same characters that lead me to believe that it’s too complicated. My own personal view is that because of it, too many things can go wrong. Everywhere I turn, I’m hearing stories of this celebrity or that person who accidentally tweeted their phone number or a personal or private message publicly or to the wrong person. I just choose not to take that chance right now.
  • I Like Sensibility: Another reason you aren’t able to follow me is that I haven’t found it to be sensible. What I mean by sensible is that it doesn’t make sense for me to use it at present because I find it is great as a marketing tool for businesses, but as an individual, most of the people I choose to follow are already available to me via any number of other social networks, so I find it redundant to add another.


I know there is a day that is coming where I will be among the laggards who finally convert. It’ll probably be that moment that something new has come along and made it seem obsolete like some other social media networks that I have been a part of. But until that day comes, you cannot and will not be able to follow me on Twitter.


QUESTION: Are there reasons you have for using twitter that you feel should compel me to change? What are they?


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