A License to Kill

Recent events in the news and tabloids have caused me to consider a few things of late. What is it that causes people to be so flippant with the words they throw around? Do they not know the weight that they carry; the life or death that is in them? I’ve spoken before about the power of words, but seeing the way in which some have chosen to use them, I wonder if we excuse it because we simply have become numb to it, not realizing that there are others who still feel the depths to which they cut.

English: Picture of Joan Rivers in her show Li...

English: Picture of Joan Rivers in her show Life in Progress at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A mere hours following what should have been a high point for the music artist Adele, she was subjected to heinous retorts about her size and weight. The E! Entertainment show Fashion Police reviewed the Oscar Red Carpet fashion of various celebrities, among which Adele was selected as a representation of what had been seen. However, it appears as though Joan Rivers went way beyond the point of critiquing style to blatantly accost the singer, and bashed her for her weight.

This begs the question, “Do we excuse behavior like this because she is older or because she is a comedian? Since when has that become an open license to denigrate people? At which point are we going from simple humor to stone cold killer comments? Then the question I get stuck with is who’s at the end of the trigger; the comedian, or those of us who choose to watch and support this type of programming?

Comedians aren’t the only ones that go to this extreme. There are countless children who are watching and behaving just like this on every school yard playground, cafeteria and hallway. There are numerous other entertainment magazine programs that utilize the paparazzi to fuel them with all the ammunition they need to do what they do.

If we’re honest with ourselves and say that we want what is best for our youth and ourselves, then we have to be willing to require those we support to hold back to sword of the tongue from being used on people. No one deserves to be slaughtered for the shape of their body or any other thing that we find that is different from what we might consider attractive or normal. There are many more ways to be entertained, without resorting to the school yard bullying tactics that should have died when we were young. Let’s rise above the fray and suspend all licenses to kill.

QUESTION: What are your views regarding people who seem to have registered themselves with virtual licenses to kill?


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