If My People Pray

It almost seems incomprehensible that a tragedy could have so much morbid irony as what took place during Monday’s Boston Marathon. An event that is juxtaposed between the sites of Newtown, CT school shootings, and New York’s World Trade Towers that fell under a horrific terrorist plot;  one of the most iconic events in American history was marred when thousands were rocked by unsuspecting explosions near the finish line.  This home of Early American Historic moments like the Boston Tea Party spark memories of Great American Triumph through the American Revolution.

Pray For Boston

Pray For Boston (Photo credit: republicanconference)

Events like this most recent one only bring an awareness that no place is off limits when it comes to cowardly and senseless acts of violence. I don’t propose to know the answers why or have any way of making sense of this tragedy. What I do know is that the increasing number of horrifying events that are hitting the East Coast cannot be ignored. It’s hard not to consider what could be the next big thing to take place, especially in light of not knowing all of the reasons why or how behind what has just taken place. The thing you can be sure of is that people will be more watchful and guarded.

What I think would be great in light of all that has occurred this year is that it draws this country together to pray for one another, cover one another, and lift one another. Prayer has a way of comforting people in times of the unexplained. It has a way of stirring peace in the midst of chaos and hard times. If people take this time to cover one another and lift one another, it has the potential to illustrate love’s power to truly conquer all. While many who participated in this marathon had countless reasons why they were running, and there will no doubt be countless stories that can be told in light of what has happened, it would be great to know that a marathon of prayers pulled not only this community together, but also the entire nation.

This nation fought many hard fights to be free. Freedom to worship was one such reason this nation came to be a nation. So many are fighting that reality, forgetting that if we forget the freedoms we fought to obtain, we will undoubtedly be fighting harder battles ahead. It is my heartfelt prayer that we as a nation take this time to hold up not only Boston in prayer, but this entire nation. We’re only one third of the way through this year. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize of a country that is truly “One Nation Under God.” May we find ourselves in the midst of a better American Revolution.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts surrounding this recent event?







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