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Family Reunion

As we enter into the summer months, it’s a natural thing to begin planning for family gatherings and reunions. It’s the time where everyone that you aren’t always in daily contact with throughout the year can get together and catch up, celebrate over the growth and changes in the family unit. Aunts and uncles, mom and […]

Spiritual Influence: The Hidden Power Behind Leadership

Wherever you go today, you hear everyone espousing the need for good leaders and having influence; whether it’s in the marketplace or throughout the religious community, people are looking and desiring to see or have influence and leadership. Thanks to Zondervan, I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of […]

The Prodigal’s Father

It dawns on me as I have seen many people in the world today go through many struggles and strife, that there are many who might be in a better position had they had parents like that of the prodigal son. If you are unfamiliar with this parable which Jesus shared with his followers, it […]

The Future of Worship

When it comes to worship, a whole litany of things come to mind when you think about it. So, you can just image the multitude of thoughts that might be conjured up when you hear the phrase, “the future of worship.” When Nathan Byrd tackles this very subject in his book The Future of Worship: Preparing […]

Succession And Retirement

Recently I had the privilege of hearing the great and wise Peter Wagner speak during a conference held during Passover. I know, you’re probably thinking this is a bit late to be telling someone about something that happened weeks ago, but bear with me. The reason I bring this up now is that I was […]

Something Old or Something New

For many people all over, preparations are being made for weddings. It occurs to me, that as a Bride of Christ, we may actually have some concepts all wrong. As a born again believer in Christ, how often have you heard someone say that they are looking for the coming or awakening of the spirit […]

If One Nation Under God Becomes One Godless Nation

It is amazingly ironic that as this nation began preparations to commemorate the National Day of Prayer, the nation began hearing the release of reports regarding a push to silence men and women of God in the military from doing something that has been done, quite literally since the days when General George Washington served […]

The Voice: How We Can Participate, How We Should Respond

Don Nori, Sr. has given us another great insight into an area of relationship with God in his book The Voice: How We Can Participate, How We Should Respond. I absolutely must say that this was one that I thoroughly enjoyed because much of what he shared in this book is not only what I have come to […]

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