If One Nation Under God Becomes One Godless Nation

It is amazingly ironic that as this nation began preparations to commemorate the National Day of Prayer, the nation began hearing the release of reports regarding a push to silence men and women of God in the military from doing something that has been done, quite literally since the days when General George Washington served this country. It is also Ironic that this story is brought to us initially on May 1st, more commonly known as May Day; the words also ring of the state of a nation in danger.

God save us!

God save us! (Photo credit: † Jimmy MacDonald †)

The very notion that soldiers of any rank or office may possibly face court-martials is astounding. From the foundations of the Declaration of Independence until now, we have been known throughout the world as One Nation Under God.

I remember in my youth, the daily ritual of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing our national anthem. These were the hallmarks of good citizenship. I knew from my days in The Boy Scouts of America that the sign of a good scout and member of society was centered on the pillars of servitude to God and Country. It was no different for my friends who after high school enlisted in the military just a couple years before Operation: Desert Shield and Operation: Desert Storm during The Persian Gulf War.

As we move closer to Memorial Day, I’m reminded that many of our nations en and women fought, bled and died to protect the freedoms that we hold dear, including our freedom to worship. If we forget the very foundations of this nation and the very constitution that both this nation’s military and president are honor bound to uphold and defend, what hope does this nation have in standing as the nation it fought to become. As one of this world’s youngest nations, it would be a sad commentary that it could not remain great simply because it turned it’s back on God.

It is said that to forget the past is to condemn yourself to repeat it. Look back at history to see what happened when Israel turned her back on God. Every single account shown in the bible reveals that things did not bode well for her. As a nation, she very closely came to being annihilated from existence during the Holocaust, but it was the faithfulness of the remnant and the many Christians who remembered God, that she still stands as God’s chosen. Let us remember that we are a blessed nation not only because of our relationship with Israel, but also the commitment that we as a nation made over 400 years ago when we dared to declare that we would be One Nation UNDER God, not One Godless Nation.


QUESTION: What do you think will become of this nation if we forget God?



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