Spiritual Influence: The Hidden Power Behind Leadership

Wherever you go today, you hear everyone espousing the need for good leaders and having influence; whether it’s in the marketplace or throughout the religious community, people are looking and desiring to see or have influence and leadership. Thanks to Zondervan, I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of Mel Lawrenz‘s book Spiritual Influence: The Hidden Power Behind Leadership.  9780310492702

In as much as I wanted to read this and give my review right when the book was released, I found that I could not help but take my time and dig deep into the pages because this book, as is the subject for which it is about, cannot be glossed over. Mel took his time in putting this book together, and has uniquely done so. He has demonstrated that there is an undeniable link between true leadership and influence. This book could quite literally be seen as the textbook for anyone who desires to have true spiritual influence. He has broken this book into four distinct sections that build concept upon concept, precept upon precept.

 The section Getting Grounded gives you foundation from which to understand why spiritual influence is so vitally important, why you should want to have it as well as follow those who do. The second section Taking Initiative builds upon the previous section by getting you to focus on how you as a person can become the person who possesses the qualities of a leader who has spiritual influence. In the third section Going Deep, Mr. Lawrenz shows where the spiritual connects to the natural, as well as why influence apart from the Spirit can lead to abuse of your influence.

I think the fourth and final section on Facing Challenges has been one of my favorite sections; not simply because it is what I’m dealing with as a person, I believe it is what every person wants to know when they are seeking mentorship and tutelage from someone. I’ve found myself quoting much of what is in this section simply because I find myself so connected to it.

Mel Lawrenz has written this book in such a way that if you are a leader who leads people, you can take this book and build a curriculum with it to train other leaders. There is much history encapsulated in it, as well as many appropriate anecdotes to highly emphasize critical points he is making throughout this wonderful resource. I also believe that if you have a small group and want to help others to become better and have greater influence at work or in any area of life, this is absolutely the quintessential book to use. It would be great if a course could be developed around this book and taught both in Christian and non-Christian colleges.

I especially recommend this to anyone who has ever faced struggles with being a leader, or anyone who wants to have influence regardless whether or not you have a leadership position. If you want to be an encouragement to someone who is a leader to you, this will definitely give you the framework from which to do that. I’d also recommend this to any young person you know who has recently graduated, who has aspirations of doing great things.


QUESTION: What do you imagine the world would look like if we all understood and walked in the power of spiritual influence?


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