Only In HIS Kingdom

It is such an amazing thing to consider the awesome greatness and graciousness of God’s Kingdom. We’ve heard people sing songs by psalmist Israel Houghton; songs like Friend of God or No Limits, No Boundaries. I don’t know about you, but when I hear these songs, my mind and spirit are taken on journeys many times.

Overqualified (novel)

Overqualified (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just recently at I was simply thinking about the latter song, what God began to share with me is how wonderful God is that He puts no limits no us, as far as who can or cannot participate in doing Kingdom Business.

Your Marital Status is not a Barrier: You won’t ever be rejected because you are single or married. There is no fear that you cannot fulfill your duties just because you have spousal or parental obligations as a married person. There are no concerns that you cannot minister to certain folk simply because you lack a particular life experience to validate your knowledge of His kingdom.

Your Gender is not a Barrier: Whether you’re a man or woman, God never says you don’t qualify to minister in this way or that way, to this person or that person. He doesn’t say that this is all that you can do because you are a woman or you are a man.

Your Intellect is not a Barrier: You’ll never hear God say that you cannot fill a position because you don’t have the right degree, enough degrees, or any degree at all. If God could use a mule, what’s to keep Him from using you? He won’t say you don’t know enough because He gives you the necessary wisdom to accomplish what needs to be done. He uses our foolishness to confound the wise. Sometimes, we allow our wisdom to get in the way of what God needs from us. When we yield to His wisdom, you’re able to flow with what He wants.

Your Economic or Social Status is not a Barrier: You’ll never hear God say that you don’t come from the right family or have enough money to do what He wants you to do. Since He makes all provisions for you, you’ll always have resources to do what He requires. God doesn’t play favorites just because you come from this family or that family.

Your Age is not a Barrier: When you apply for a job, you might be turned down because they tell you that you are underqualified or overqualified. What they really mean is that you either don’t have enough experience or aren’t old enough for what the employer is looking for, or you’re too old and they don’t want to pay you what you’re worth.

In God’s Kingdom, He never says to you that you are underqualified or overqualified, because it is He who qualifies you and justifies you. He determines your worthiness. It matters not how old or how young you are, because your age or youth is an asset. You’ll never hear God say that you can’t start today because you’re just too young. You’ll never hear God say that you have to retire because you’ve outlived the position.

If you are older in age, that is an asset, because you have experience and wisdom that can e utilized to help steer, mold and shape those who follow behind you; you’ve seen much and can see much farther than others, because you’ve been where others have yet to go. If you are young, you have energy and strength that can be maximized. You have passion and fire.

QUESTION: What limits have you placed on yourself that God says is no limit to His ability to use you?


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